Day two update for our on site X Games blogger Michael:


Getting into the second day of the X Games was exciting, with Men’s Ski SuperPipe looming and Snowboard Big Air, which is always a spectacle. After watching the elimination rounds for Ski Pipe on Wednesday, I knew we were going to get a show. The weather continued with perfection, full of sunny skies during the day and star filled throughout the night.

Waiting in line to head up top before the Men’s Ski Halfpipe finals is an experience in it’s own. With many skiing competitions you do not get the nighttime experience, as they are mostly daytime events. As soon as night falls, the energy changes and it’s like everyone knows something exciting is about to happen. As the gates opened, we raced to get against the rail so that we were front row, literally 7 feet from the edge of the Pipe. This gave us a perspective that will change watching it on the tube forever.

David-Wise-X-Games-Three-Peat-300x237In the back of my mind, and I’m sure many others, I wondered if David Wise would take home a 3rd consecutive Gold Medal in this competition. Watching these guys soar a few feet from my head made me realize how hard the judges must have it, because each one of these kid’s are pushing the limits. Well, once Wise had a chance to show X Games what he had been working on throughout the season it was pretty much in the bag, after scoring a 90 on his first of three runs. The French Skier, Kevin Rolland, was throwing huge tricks but had a fall in his final run holding him in 2nd Place. Aspen’s own Alex Ferreira bumped himself into 3rd out of the pipe, and loading his run with head turning tricks. After Wise had already clinched the Gold Medal, it was time for a victory lap for his third run. Instead, he stepped it up another notch, and topped his score with a 92. For me, it’s always fun
o see guys put in a solid run for their victory lap. It really shows how competitive these athletes are, not only with the other skiers, but also with themselves. Wise gets another boost of confidence as he goes into the Olympics.

Well, I am writing this to you as the sun rises on Day 3, which is sure to be a highlight from the weekend. As I was watching Ski Pipe finals last night, you could see the practice runs for Ski Big Air, and it looks like they are ready for tonight. The entire day is full of finals events, so check back here tomorrow for an update on who makes history today.

Gold Medal Run from David Wise –

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