Father’s Day is right around the corner, and to all you fathers out there, we salute you for all that you do.  From mowing the lawn and fixing things, to packing the car and killing bugs, we appreciate all that you do.  And we know that your kids love you and want to show you how much they care.  But let’s be honest, as nice as they are, you don’t really need that extra set of socks or another macaroni picture.  Fathers are notoriously difficult to shop for, it’s all ties and tools out there.  So this Father’s Day, why not treat yourself to something you want?  Here are our suggestions for some awesome stuff you should check out for yourself this year because you deserve it.

Summer Necessities

Headed up north for the weekend? Off for a quick overnight at dad’s favorite cabin? Make the trip easier with the United By Blue Trail Weekender bag. Smaller than a carry on, this is the perfect go anywhere, do anything bag for a dad on the go. It’s got pockets built to safely carry and transport a laptop or digital device, small pockets for minor organization and enough space to keep a couple nights worth of clothes and travel accessories. Available in black or navy blue and highlighted with leather handles, it’s stylish, functional, and everything dad needs to travel with ease.

Need a companion for the perfect portable bag? How about the perfect portable cooler. The Yeti Hopper Flip 12 is the perfect grab and go cooler for any trip. Unlike the traditional Hoppers, the Flip has a wide opening lid that “flips” back (see what they did there?) so you can load it full of all of your favorite foods. It’s super durable and totally leak proof so you can toss it in the trunk and rest easy knowing there’s no mess spilling anywhere. The Flip was made for quick trips, days in the Deer Blind, road trips to the lake, and weekends at the cabin.

What’s summer without a good pair of sunglasses?  Well, it would still be summer, but not as much fun or nearly as stylish.  A good pair of Oakley sunglasses is the perfect treat yourself item for this Father’s Day.  Our favorite model for this season is the Oakley TwoFace Sunglasses.  These glasses have a classic yet stylish look that works on most faces, and with 4 different frame and lens color options, you can tailor these sunglasses to your personal style.  They also have polarized lenses making them an ideal choice for outdoor activities to keep your eyes protected.  They even have high definition optics, giving you the best view for the summer.

Footwear & Apparel

Alright, how about some new and different footwear for the season.  Dads, you should really check out the Sperry 7 Seas Camo Boat Shoes.  Everyone’s seen the basic boat shoes, what Sperry is known for, the sockless loafer stylish with some kitschy colors and tie front.  But the 7 Seas Camo shoes take boat shoes to a whole new level.  These shoes look like a modern sneaker but have all the capabilities of a boat shoe.  They incorporate mesh fabric to let water drain out and dry quickly once wet, so they are perfect for water activities.  They also have non-marking rubber soles, so they still function as full boat shoes.  They’re the hottest new trend in water and boat shoes, and worth a look.


Along the lines of water wear, if you’re a fisherman looking for a real top notch gift for yourself, you have to check out Simms clothing.  Simms is performance fishing wear made for everyone from the once in a while leisure guy to top competitive fishermen.  If you’re looking for a real performance shirt for fishing, look no further than the Simms Intruder Bicomp Long Sleeve Shirt.  This shirt was built for competitive fishing, meaning it has all the bells and whistles you could possibly want for a day on the water.  It has knit inserts on the sides and arms to allow for venting and stretch, with a cool and comfortable lightweight material that’s easy to wear no matter what the conditions.  And this shirt isn’t light on technology, as is has moisture wicking, breathability, quick dry, anti-odor, and UPF 30 sun protection capabilities.

The All Season Ski Bum

If you’re the type of dad that thinks skiing is life and just can’t wait for the snow to be falling, we have some good news for you.  We have already received some of our 2018 ski product for next season.  If you’re looking for the perfect top of the line ski jacket for next season, check out the Arc’teryx Rush Shell Ski Jacket.  This is one of Arc’teryx’s best shells in their line and is made to hold up for years on end.  It’s got 3 layers of Gore-Tex in the outer shell to keep you protected from all the elements while still allowing for full breathability.  And it’s got all the tech you need for a long day on the slopes like pit zips, vents, storm hood, laser sealed pockets, and more.  It’s the perfect splurge gift.

Image via Wildsnow. Checkout their full review, here.

And while you’re looking at the new ski jackets, you should check out the new skis that have hit our warehouse.  These 2018 skis are super exciting and the perfect way to gear up for the coming winter.  And to stay snow focused even in the middle of summer.   Here at Skis.com, we are super excited about the 2018 Line Sick Day 94 skis.  If you’ve been living under a rock, the Line Sick Day skis have been some of the hottest skis on the market for a few years now.  And the new ones for the season are here!  They Sick Day 94’s are the perfect all mountain ski with lots of pop and responsiveness that fit almost any ski style.  Check them out now, before they’re all gone.

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