So Christmas is over and it’s time to do some shopping for yourself.  Looking for new gear now that the snow is finally falling at some resorts?  Check out my top picks for this year.My Top Gear Picks for the Season

1. Armada TSTw

Powerful, playful and knife sharp, the Armada TSTw is my ski of choice for the upcoming season. I added this ski to my quiver and haven’t looked back. With quick edge to edge transitions this versatile ski holds up off piste, on powder days, and crushing groomers. Dare I say one ski quiver? Rockered tip, positive camber and feather light – the TSTw is a beast. This ski could also be a wonderful touring option. 

2. Zeal Voyager Goggles

I have a total crush on Zeal as a brand, I love the look, I love the products. The Voyager goggle is roomy and I feel like I’m in a fishbowl (in the best way possible) with an enormous range of vision. This is a perfect goggle for the women who wants a bigger fitting goggle with an interchangeable lens system.  My only warning is that zeal goggles demand a careful touch, be warned that the lens does scratch easily. Regardless, this is still my favorite goggle with style and function uniting symbiotically.My Top Gear Picks for the Season 2

3. Look Pivot 14 Ski Bindings

I ski this binding because I trust it, and with a predictable release mechanism I feel locked and loaded. This is a high performance binding that is a freeride charger. The Look Pivot 14 is a safe reliable binding is well known for being exceptional at releasing during twisting falls and is trusted by free ride skiers. Love the Look Pivot.

4. Patagonia Untracked Pants

Am I wearing pants? Because with these pants are so comfortable it almost feels like I’m not wearing any at all.  The new Patagonia women’s Untracked pant is outstanding. Light and dynamic, the fabric literally moves with my body and as a big hater of bulky ski pants these blow my my mind. With three layers of Gore-Tex these are bombproof, but still agile enough to be the ultimate touring pant as well. When I’m hiking these pants allow me maximum mobility. My Top Gear Picks 3

6. Leki Peak Vario Poles

These ski poles create a connectivity between my poles and arms, as if my poles are an extension of my body. The clip in system is amazing and intuitive and the quick release function allows the pole to rip free if you ever get snagged up on a tight tree line. Although the Leki Peak Vario pole has a ‘techy’ appearance, I still  love the feel. 

7. Bern Muse Helmet

This low profile helmet keeps me warm and safe while still being stylish. I love the true matte finish and the ability to de-bulk the helmet in spring by taking out extra padding. The Bern Muse is the perfect size (smaller than other bulky helmets on market), lightweight, and the small visor seamlessly covers my goggles at the top. I wear this daily and love it.

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