All-Mountain skis for women have never been designed better than they are today, and the 2018 collection of all mountain skis has never been lighter, stronger or less fatiguing to ski.  All of the skis on this list would be a great selection for a wide range of skiers looking for ultimate versatility and stability on the slopes. Check out the selections below and find your perfect all mountain ski for the 2018 ski season.

Atomic Vantage 95 C All Mountain Ski

Atomic Vantage 95 C Women's All Mountain SkiThe Atomic Vantage 95 C is one of the wider skis on this list, and has the ability to ride exceptionally well in powdery conditions. The Firewall Sidewall and Carbon Tank Mesh construction give the Vantage fantastic grip on the snow without adding any additional weight. The Vantage 95 C has an the perfect combination of flotation and edge hold, ideal for strong skiers who want to spend more time off piste, and less time on the groomers.

Perfect Run: The North Face; Squaw Valley, CA

Blizzard Black Pearl 88 All Mountain Ski

Blizzard Black Pearl 88 Women's All Mountain Ski A perennial best-seller, the Black Pearl 88 is one of the narrowest skis on the list. The Black Pearl is designed with a Carbon Flipcore WSD construction, allowing you to be light on your feet and incredibly energetic. An 88mm waist along with the rocker profile makes the Black Pearl a favorite for ladies who will spend a majority of their time on the groomers, or for East Coasters looking for a ski that has a great mix of edge hold, stability and is strong in the moguls.

Perfect Run: Centennial; Beaver Creek, CO

Salomon QST Lux 92 All Mountain Ski

Salomon QST Lux 92 All Mountain Ski The QST Lux 92 from Salomon has a CFX Superfiber construction that makes the ski light as a feather, but strong enough for the most aggressive skier to have stability and power when running across heavy or challenging snow conditions. The Koroyd Tip improves floatation in deep snow and reduces swingweight to make the Lux 92 stable and easy to maneuver without feeling too heavy on your feet.

Perfect Run: Long Horn; Taos, NM

Rossignol Sky 7 HD W All Mountain Ski

Rossignol Sky 7 HD Women's All Mountain Ski The Sky 7 HD W from Rossignol features the widest waist and most rocker of any ski on this list, making it the most powder friendly ski out of them all.  The all new Air Tip 2.0 construction adds stability, flotation and reduces tip wobble to keep you on your feet. Rossignol’s Carbon Alloy Matrix offers additional grip and responsiveness on days when the snow is a little firm.

Perfect Run: Jupiter Bowl; Park City Mountain Resort, UT

Nordica Santa Ana 93 All Mountain Ski

Nordica Santa Ana 93 All Mountain SkiThe Nordica Santa Ana 93 is the most powerful ski on this list and the only ski with Dual Titanal layers.  A Blunt Nose Shape improves flotation and helps initiate turns easily. The shape, construction and rocker profile do an excellent job of absorbing vibration and help keep the Santa Ana 93 smooth regardless of how firm the snow is. Even with the addition of Titanal layers this season, the Santa Ana 93 isn’t heavy under foot or fatiguing to ski.

Perfect Run: Blue Sky Basin; Vail, CO

Volkl Yumi All Mountain Ski

Volkl Yumi All Mountain Ski The Yumi from Volkl has been updated for the 2018 ski season with extra millimeters at the waist and a Titanal band that runs right through the center of the ski; this band adds extra power while adding minimal weight.  The Yumi is a popular ski for those with strong techniques, who favor smooth, controlled turns on the frontside but like to dip off into the bumps when they are soft.

Perfect Run: Whispering Jesse; Snowmass, CO

Each and every one of the skis on this list will receive plenty of awards and accolades this season and rightfully so. All of these skis have been hand selected by for their versatility and top notch performance for the strong intermediate to expert skier.  If you’re looking for more information on the all mountain skis on this list, as well as our full selection of skis, online reviews, buying guides and more, please visit us at

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