Skiers and snowboarders have a need for sport specific data when it comes to forecasting and everyday info. Between chasing snow for the best powder days and more people than ever accessing the backcountry, these sites fill a very important void. The amount of info online seems endless so we have narrowed down a few key sites that are leaders in their category. These three picks cover powder forecasting, avalanche analysis, and a well-rounded skier/snowboarder news source. Follow them daily and you’ll be the go-to for all things snow!

1. – Powder forecasts across the country. 411

If you’re not watching this website everyday throughout the winter season, start now. When this site started you could only get forecasts for a few select regions. Now, if you’re a skier and there are mountains nearby, you’ve got yourself a forecast. Perfect for watching your favorite resorts and tracking storms or chasing powder for the week ahead. Everyday you will wake up to an update from your local meteorologist who has possibly already had some turns that morning. A quick summary, followed by an in-depth look at the current and upcoming weather patterns is the norm and this site keeps you up to date. The only time you might see a lull in the forecast is if the snow is piling up and they’re in line for first chair and fresh tracks! Check online or download the app!

2. CAIC – Colorado Avalanche Information Center 411 2

The backcountry is more popular than ever with people trying to escape the lift lines and constant mountain chaos. While this is great, anyone accessing the backcountry should not only have the right gear, but also have the knowledge of the current snowpack each time they head out. Websites such as CAIC have created a platform to inform people as the snowpack shifts throughout the season and works to provide people a deeper view into the affects of temperature, snowfall, and human impact when in the backcountry. Although the forecasters that collect and distribute this data are highly trained, they provide this data as a piece of your decision making puzzle and not the final cut. Their site allows you to breakdown the avalanche danger by region and gives a detailed analysis each day. Check out the website or download the app.

*CAIC is great at what they do but is specific to Colorado. Many states have similar platforms that will allow you to get information about snowpack and avalanche conditions.

3. TGR – Teton Gravity Research 411 3

You can get a mash-up of skier/boarder news all across the web, but TGR keeps the high quality content coming and never misses the headline stories. Based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this crew eats, sleeps and breathes winter. On top of bringing you top industry news, their production team is constantly putting out some of the best video around. So if you want an all-in-one-place spot for your daily fix, drop in online and poke around.