The offseason can be tough. Like, really, really, tough. Sure, everyone celebrates the first few weeks of summer by going to the beach or sitting out in the sun, but that only satisfies for so long. At some point, you’re going to need to find something to do to scratch that mountain itch. We polled around the office to find out some of our favorite off season activities.

Mountain Biking

Sure, it’s not skiing, but its one hell of a way to get down the mountain. Biking provides a high paced technical activity that’s guaranteed to keep your adrenaline pumped brain active during the summer months. It’s easy to get into, and involves most of the same daily routines: Get up early, drive to the mountains, ride until dark, drink beer. On top of that, biking actually requires a lot of the same mental and physical prowess as skiing. Your movement and reaction time needs to be on point for dodging rocks and trees. Your legs need to be ripped for those killer hill climbs. And, finally, you need to read “lines” in the mud or the trails to pick the best option. It’s a dead match.

Paddle Sports

NORTH FORK CHAMPIONSHIP IV from The North Fork Championship on Vimeo.

Be it kayaking, SUP or canoeing, paddle sports also offer a number of benefits for the avid skier. Whitewater paddling draws skiers and snowboards alike due to its high adrenaline activity and need for mental acuteness. Similarly to Biking and Skiing, you’ll need to have pin point reaction time and a understanding of how water (or snow) flows and settles. It hits that time old “I love the cold” sensation with a healthy dose of frigid mountain water and more importantly offers wonderful cross training for the body. Paddle sports put heavy emphasis on core and back strength as well as the obvious arm and shoulder strength to keep your body balanced and healthy.


A good healthy summer of training can sometimes keep people in the perfect skiing zone. If you’re fortunate to live in a place where the season ends late and starts early, a short summer can be the perfect way to enhance your skiing year over year. In any sport, it never hurts to take some time off to focus on purely getting stronger. Give your technique a rest and spend the summer boosting cardio, lengthening those muscles and toning that body so you’re ready to charge harder and faster than ever before.


It’s the summer, dude, take a break. For the entire duration of a ski season we drink cheap beer and survive on nothing but lodge food. In the offseason? We want to live like a king. Take a break, do some cooking, maybe on the grill and get your fill of some decent, cold beer. Kickback and let that body heal with the added help of some summer fun.

Inline Skating

No, we’re not joking. We’ve actually posted about this before.. And before, before. Inline skating is a perfect way to train for skiing in the offseason. US Ski Team member Brennan Rubie uses it as one of his primary modes for offseason skiing. Yeah, sure, it’s a little nerdy but it’s the closest thing I’ve found to working my body. Backcountry Skinning? Go skating up hill. Down Hill Speed Bombs? Tuck and roll through San Francisco. Looking for more endurance? Skate and Skate and Skate. Need to improve those turns? Well, watch the full series and let Brennan teach you how.

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