After a full season in ski boots, it’s time to let the little piggy’s run wild. All I can say is that as soon as that first day cracks about 60 degrees, my sandals come out and stay out until first snow of the following season. If you’ve been in the outdoor industry long enough, you’re bound to know or maybe even own a pair of Chaco sandals. Those of you who are new, however, might only know them as the crazy strap sandals. We’ll we’re here to educate you on why you need a pair to make it through your summer adventures.


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Chaco sandals are hands down some of the most supportive sandals out there. At first look, you’ll notice that the soles are thick and heavy like the base of a hiking boot. They’re designed ergonomically to provide maximum comfort through the striking in the heel cup and a support in the arch. They’ve designed and built the sole with similar technologies to those in hiking boots creating a lightweight but sturdy base for mixed terrain and long days.


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The Straps. Oh, the straps. Chaco straps can look complicated and maybe even intimidating, but I promise they’re not. The idea behind the straps is complete adjustability to ensure that your sandals are as comfortable as possible. From one side to another, the entire strap is a single piece of webbing designed to be moved and shifted as need be. Have a high instep? Simply pull the strap to give yourself extra space. Want room in the toe box? Easy-peasy, add as little or as much as you’d like. Need that extra grip? Well, fortunately, Chaco offers two types of strap setups, one of which is open toed, and the other that provides an added toe loop for increased control under movement.


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Chaco’s were founded in the Rivers of Colorado and designed for ultimate performance. Wet, slippery surfaces like rocks and mud are what a good pair of Chacos were designed to handle. The specially designed tread underfoot is designed to mimic the tread of a car tire to help move and push water through them giving the user total control and confident no matter what you step in.

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