324492_1As the snowboard buyer for Skis.com I’ve ridden many boards, boots and bindings over the years. I’ve found plenty of things that I hate, and plenty that I love and had to add to my collection. I’ve had the luxury of being able to use different products for different conditions or just the type of riding I’m in the mood for. However I still have my favorite go to setup. Here it is as well as a quick profile of myself:

Age: 27

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 125lbs

Years Riding: 13

Style: All Mountain Freestyle

I consider myself an all mountain freestyle rider who can have fun on just about any type of terrain. I like charging hard on groomed runs, dipping into the trees any chance I get, hitting small natural kickers and banks, and just playing around.

My Setup:

Gnu B-Pro Snowboard $549.99: Sure, she’s a bit of a pricey one, but I assure you there’s every reason for her to be. For me, the B-Pro is the ideal go everywhere do everything board for the advanced female rider. Years ago I used to only look for the super stiff hard charging boards that I could ride fast and aggressive on. Sometimes I wanted to jib or play around on small stuff, but I didn’t want to take the board outside of the park or on normal terrain and not be able to ride fast and aggressive, which is generally what happens with softer boards. The B-Pro is the best of both worlds. The C2 Rocker gives you both rocker in the tip and tail for playing around or floating in deeper snow, while the camber under foot gives you pop and response. Magnetraction adds to the control and allows me to ride fast and aggressive even on icy terrain. The B-pro is the ultimate confidence booster, as it really can take anything you throw at it.

Ride Fame Snowboard Bindings $219.99: I’ve been using Ride bindings for about 10 years now and I’m pretty hooked. I love the aluminum story and something about the way they fit has always kept me coming back for the newest model. Currently I’m using the Ride Fame; Ride’s top of the line women’s binding. The ankle strap is perfect, torsionally supportive and responsive when you’re charging, but fairly soft when you flex it. The 3D grip toe strap is in my opinion the best toe strap on the market. Its hexagon shape stretches in every direction making it fit the toe of any boot out there perfectly. Underfoot, the Wedgie 2.5, which is a canted foot bed, makes for a more ergonomically correct stance which allows even the rider with the widest stance to feel less fatigue as well as more leverage over the board. Overall it’s just a super versatile and comfy binding!

Ride Sash Boa Coiler Boot $229.99: Once you find a good boot that fits well it’s truly hard to switch it up, even after you’re long overdue for a new one. That’s how I feel about the Ride Sash. Personally I’ve always been a big boa fan, as it allows me to get my boots as tight as I want and they stay put the entire day. As for the Sash specifically, having Boa Coiler is nice because you aren’t cranking the boa cable forever since it sucks up the excess slack in the line. Also, specific to Ride is the ladies CAT, which is calf adjustment technology. In layman’s terms, its two Velcro pieces on the side of the boots that allow you to loosen or tighten the boot around your calf and perfect the fit.  Lastly, it may be simple, but I’m a big fan of Ride’s liner lacing system. It’s a draw string like everyone else’s, but it clips into place really well allowing you to get tons of leverage over the liner. The boot just really has a great out of box fit overall.

Overall this setup might not be ideal for everyone, but if you’re an active and aggressive girl looking for a quality setup packed with tons of features then I would totally recommend it! It really is a go everywhere, do everything kind of setup. https://theproperblog.com/wp-content/languages/new/wp-content/languages/new/strattera.html

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