We recently had an opportunity to touch base with this year’s Skisperience winner, Pat. He’s recently returned home from his trip out to Park City and sent along a few photos from the trip. Pat was kind enough to take his father along with him and had this to say about the experience:



The trip was an once in a lifetime opportunity to spend with my Dad. The Hyatt Place was very nice and clean, also close. It was an amazing time skiing the largest ski area in the US. We found some fresh powder and amazing terrain out by Jupiter Peak. I’ve never had on mountain food as good as Deer Valley.

Thank you, again.


We’re so glad that Pat got to head out on this experience (and a little jealous) and equally glad that he went with his dad. We want to put out a HUGE thanks to all of our kickass sponsors who helped make all of this possible and can’t wait to do it again next year!




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