Go Play Day
Monday, February 5th, 2018
Skis.com Staff Member: Brigitte Liedke

Brigitte on the Chair Lift

It was Super Bowl Sunday when we got the call. Due to bad weather conditions, my children’s schools would be closed on Monday, February 5th. Cheers erupted! While others would stay trapped inside, we decided to make it a family ski day!

Chair Lift at Mt. Holly

We chose to take a trip to Mt. Holly, which is hill about a ½ hour away from our house in Michigan. It may have only been 12 degrees, but we weren’t going to let that stop us. We figured other families would take advantage of the snow day too, but when we arrived we were surprised to see there was virtually no one there! We lucked out, because the areas surrounding the resort didn’t get school canceled. Nothing is better than having a whole resort to yourselves.

I came prepared to brave the cold with my NILS Insulated Jacket and Obermeyer Warrior Pants. I love the jacket because it’s an emerald green color, a fresh color you don’t see often. The pants, in white, are highly waterproof and breathable which are perfect for days like today (I also love the high waist).

Elan RipStick 86

I was most excited to try out my new skis, the Elan Ripstick 86’s. Let me tell you these were a great investment! I felt really empowered and confident on this ski. It gave me a solid grip when I was on edge, and it was easy to control on both short and wide turns all over the hill. This was also the first time I realized that my skis had a right and left ski, which is pretty funny since I’ve been skiing for years and have never had a ski like that before.

Nordica SpeedMachine 85

I also just purchased new boots about a month ago, the Nordica Sport Machine 85’s. What a difference a new boot makes. It was a little difficult to put them on initially, but once my feet were in they were so comfortable! I would highly recommend custom foot beds.They mold them in the shop and insert them in your boot to make the fit specific to your needs. If you are wondering what that cord is sticking out, those are my boot heaters; an absolute must for freezing-cold days like today.

The day flew by and conditions were great. My kids loved skiing in the woods, and even did some park runs for good measure. We had our friends come up and meet us in the afternoon, and that meant a stop at the lodge for a brew. We all tried on our face masks to show how ridiculous we look, but who cares! I’d rather be covered up then have wind burn.

I’ve found snow days spent with the family are the best snow days. Next time you have a snow day, consider making a family ski day out of it.

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