Last week we pushed out the first two major ski trailers to drop this year, and now we have two more.

4FRNT Ski Company – HERE and NOW

About a month ago, 4FRNT Ski Company dropped HERE and NOW but it’s only just starting to make waves.

4FRNT’s 6th team movie theme is centered on a world where nearly everyone’s heads are buried in a mobile device and friendships and interactions between humans are dwindling. People would rather live through the Internet than spend actual quality time outside with real people. HERE and NOW is a ski movie that showcases the skiing of Eric Hjorleifson, David Wise, Wiley Miller, Thayne Rich and Cam Riley with friends and their escape to the outdoors.


Yes, I know this is a snowboarding trailer but that doesn’t change the fact that it looks awesome. Transworld Snowboarding has been one of the leading members of the snowboard media world since I was about 8, which is entirely too long for me to tell you how old I am. They’ve always been known for awesome cinematography and commitment to the sport and Insight is here to take it one step farther. . Give it a quick watch, its worth it.

Snowboard films are often born of homogeneity. It makes sense; any creative endeavor needs a theme to unite the work. Insight is a multifaceted project unified by diversity, and the title is quite literal: it is a look into the individuals, locations, and crews that comprise it. The aim is to delve into the lives of those involved, exposing the particular motivations each has to strap in—be it atop a stairset, powder field or couloir.


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