Labor Day has passed and the snow is already falling. Just this week a man in Montana made first tracks of the season. While it might not be snowing near you, it’s time to start thinking that way. Pull out your old gear and let’s start dusting off the cobwebs.

Charge Your Boot Heatershotronic_foot_warmer

We can’t say this enough. Charge your boot heaters. Those boot heaters have this fancy little battery inside of them that needs to be exercised or it goes bad. You should charge them at the end of the season, during the summer and just before the start of the season. Two major perks come from this. First, it ensures your battery life is health or proves that you need new batteries / heaters. Second, it ensures that when that surprise first powder day sneaks up, you’ll have toasty warm feet.

Get Your Skis Tuned

FAQs Remounting Skis2

Okay, obviously you need to get your skis tuned. Everyone knows that. What they don’t know is just how quickly everyone decides to do it. The weather man sneezes confetti out of his nose and all of a sudden everyone’s dropping off their skis to get waxed. Why wait? Go ahead and drop your skis off in the next couple weeks, we’ll get them was done and when all those people are missing fresh tracks because they wanted to try and tune their skis at the last minute, you’ll be tearing it up.

Find Your Winter Clothing  sia12

Sure, seems obvious again, but for real, where did you leave that left liner glove? Did the dog eat it? Did you leave it in the truck bed? What’s worse that running around on the first day of winter looking for your favorite glove while your friends are out riding the first chair? Nothing. Take a day and get all those clothes out of storage. Give them a quick wash, a quick once over and get ready for the winter.

Load up on the Essentials (Most are still on sale)

Hand warmers, Cliff Bars, ski wax, beer. All the essentials and all go quickly during ski season and all have expiration dates. Anything with an old expiration date or a slightly musty smell to it is sure to be on sale for cheap. Grab it while you can and stock up for half the price.

Train Your Body5 tips to get in ski season shape

Seriously, it’s time to get in shape. That summer body knows nothing about surviving long burning hours in below freezing temperatures. Load up on the calories and start standing in the freezer. Just kidding. Find your favorite work out and get to it. Core, legs, back neck, and shoulders need to be prepped and ready or you’ll end up being the guy sitting in the bar next to me at noon on the first snow of the season.

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  1. Nick Tsagaris
    November 7, 2016 at 12:15 am (6 years ago)

    nice blog and skiing is the best sports and best exercise in the world


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