One of our Ski Experts, Adam, talks about spending a day on the hill with his family and how it differs from the regular life of hardcore ski junky. You probably know Adam from our Videos or talking on the Phone. 

skiingwithkids4Skiing with my 6 year old son and a 9 year old daughter requires a different pace than what I am typically used to.  Usually, while skiing with my normal gang of ski cronies we are banging out as many laps as possible, as fast as possible, in the most challenging terrain we can find, without waiting for anyone.

On the days with my wife and kids, it’s a different kind of skiing.

We still rush to the mountain to get there for first chair, but instead of  attempting to find the deepest, freshest snow possible, the first couple runs are warm ups on some greens or mellow blues.

This weekend was no different, except for the 18” of snow that dumped the previous days.  As my wife took the kids over to the bunny hill for some warm up runs, I went off to grab tickets for everyone.

I mentioned to her that I needed some time to get a few runs in. While the unexpected late season powder may have made the drive a nightmare, it was a skier’s dream. She understood.

Those first few runs in thigh deep pow under bluebird skis were as good as skiing gets, that perfect pitch, deep snow, and faceshots that I was only able to achieve a small handful of times during this snow starved season.

Skiingwithkids2After a couple of quick laps I met up with the wife, kids and an entire crew of skier friends for some turns.   My kids always want to ski each and every run with me, which just melts my heart.  Fortunately the groomers were in good shape and stacked on the sides with fresh powder. The kids could ski the middle at their ability level and we were happy bombing through the side banks. Everyone was happy.

This was the first time that my family has skied with some of my regular ski partners.  I typically do not care for skiing in a large group, but it was extremely exciting for me to show off how well my family skis.  It was also quite fun to have my kids want to ride the chairlift with other people allowing my wife and I a couple of chairlift rides with just us.  Riding on a lift with just my wife and I is truly one of my favorite things to do.

As the day progressed the smiles just wouldn’t stop, bluebird sky, temps in the mid 30’s, heaps of fresh snow everywhere, and not a single lift line to wait in.

On one particular lift ride my kids expressed interest in skiing Smokey, one of the biggest, scariest runs at our favorite ski area.  Smoky runs directly under the main lift, is usually very crowded, and typically never holds good snow due to people stopping at the steepest point to scrape all of the good snow off of it.  This day was different.

skiingwithkids5My wife had no interest is skiing Smokey so she wanted to take the long way down.  As soon as we got to the top, Annabella and Alex were screaming “let’s do Smokey”.  When we tackle more difficult runs, or things that maybe over their head, we have a general rule that the kids must follow me down, turn for turn, and staying in my tracks the entire time.  Both of them love to ski fast, frankly I don’t blame them, and I wonder where they get that from.    They did great!  About three quarters of the way down Smokey, I pull up, allow them to pass me, and tell them to “rip it, all the way to the bottom” and they did.

Skiing with my family is my favorite thing to do with them, and the fact that they love it each and every time we go is super exciting for me, and I always look forward to the next time.

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