Salomon QST Pro

Sometimes the best ski spots are the ones you find beyond the boundaries, and for those occasions there’s the Salomon QST Pro Ski Boots. The QST Pro have the ability to charge hard when skiing within the confines of the resort, but are built with a lightweight construction that comes in handy when you’re exploring out yonder for a private powder stash. Available for both men and women, the Salomon QST features the latest and greatest technologies for you to enjoy yourself anywhere on the mountain.

Who is the QST Pro For?

All of the Salomon QST Boots have a 100mm last at the forefoot that best fits skiers with a medium to narrow forefoot. That can easily be customized in about an hour, but we can get into that a little later. The cuff of the QST best fits medium to narrow leg shapes. If you like a ski boot that can drive power and energy towards your ski but that feels easy to walk in too, this line of boots makes a great start. The 80 and 90 flex QST Pro Womens give lady skiers two versions to choose from. Both are solid choices for the strong intermediate to expert skier, with the 90-flex rendering offering that tad bit more stiffness that experts and pros prefer. The QST Pro 120 is the stiffest of the bunch, a fine selection for advanced to expert skiers because it allows the most aggressive skiing possible. The other two options in the line, QST Pro 100 and 90, are a great choice for those looking to start to earn their own turns, ideal for skiers who hover around that skilled-intermediate to advanced level

QST Review:

QST Boot Pro Technology:

  1. Hiking Features: The new hiking features bring an entirely new element not yet seen to Salomon Ski Boots: the power of easy trekking. Salomon’s Surelock Hiking Mechanism is a new feature to this year’s line that uses a trusted locking cuff to offer you rearward support and reduced total weight of the boot. The Endofit Tongue creates a natural and smooth flexing shell that allows for an uninterrupted hinge point for effortless hiking. Although Tech Soles are only available in the QST Pro 130 TR, if you want to start to tour in a Frame Touring Binding like the Salomon Guardian.  A wide range of motion will help you skin or climb with ease and fatigue free.
  2. Construction: The QST Pro line shows what it’s made of in its stellar performance whether on your skis or on foot. Salomon’s new TwinFrame2 Construction uses a stiffer, stronger and lighter plastic on the sole of all QST Pro Ski Boots that reduces the total weight of the shell and reduces torsional twisting to enhance responsiveness when you ramp up the speed. A 3-buckle overlap design has an Endofit Tongue that creates a smooth and natural forward flex when you drive your shins into a turn, while still allowing you a comfortable stride when you are making your way uphill.
  3. Oversized Pivot: The 24mm Oversized Pivot provides a burly connection between the upper cuff and lower shell that transfers energy directly towards the edges of your skis. By directing energy towards your skis, you will notice how fast the QST Pro engages into a turn as soon as you want it to. This distinct feature, noticeable in nearly all Salomon Ski Boots, is once again front and center in the QST Pro line.
  4. Custom Shell: Salomon’s 360 Degree Custom Shell Technology brings a level of customization unmatched in the sidecountry boots game, and the fact that it can be done in less than an hour is just icing on the cake. All you need to do is take the boots to an authorized Salomon dealer and they’ll use their special oven to heat up the shell, placing it on your foot after so it molds to match your shape perfectly. Once the shell cools the shell will adapt to the shape of your foot for a quick and perfectly dialed in fit. The molding of the shell is not required if you have a medium to narrow forefoot, but can really enhance your performance and comfort by having an anatomically matched shell to your foot. For skiers who typically have a foot slightly on the wider side, it is impressive to see how much the shell can stretch.  *Not available on QST Pro 90 and QST Pro 80 W*

Sizing Information:

QST 120 ProThe Salomon QST Pro fits true to size and is measured in Mondo Point sizing. Measuring your foot in Mondo Point Sizing is a much more accurate way for you to convert your US shoe size.  For some simple and easy tips on finding your Mondo Point Size please consult our Ski Boot Buying Guide here

The Salomon QST Pro line is for the men and women out there who like to stray outside the lines, as these boots stand out from the pack with their off-ski ability and pure performance that is capable anywhere you want to venture to. With a variety of flex choices to pick from, it’ll be no sweat trying to find a QST Pro Ski Boot you’ll love.