About a year and a half ago we introduced you to the first Office Dogs of Skis.com. At SKIS.com we’re super proud of our dog-friendly work environment and over the past year, the puppy population has exploded around the hallways. In honor of 2017’s #NationalPuppyDay, meet the latest crew of our four-legged friends.

Muzzy Gus Liedke

Muzzy is an 18-month-old Yellow Labrador and he’s an absolute BLAST to have the in the office. He spends his days sleeping at the feet of our clothing buyer Brigitte, but spends his time off the job swimming, running, hunting and living the lake life we all aspire to love.

Age: 2
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Likes: Bananas, fetching pheasants, swimming, chewing poms off beanies
Dislikes: Fire alarms and car rides
Secret Ambition: To let the cats know that I rule the house!


Miller, a black Labrador loves coming to work with his human dad Keith. He’s friggin cute, too. You met his older brother, Roscoe, in our last post. Miller came to us very young but quickly established his role as the tiny ball of energy amongst the office crew. He loves wrestling with the other dogs, playing tug of war and generally getting into it whenever he can.

Age: Almost 2
Breed: Black Lab
Likes: To run around the yard like a banshee, give kisses to Quinn, snuggle on the couch, and wrestle with Roscoe
Dislikes: His harness (he enjoys the freedom too much) and being alone
Secret Ambition: To catch all the squirrels in his yard and everywhere else

Grayson “Monster”

Grayson is a 2-year-old Bernese Mountain / Australian Shepherd mix. Weighing in at about 60 pounds Gray enjoys snuggles, kisses and jumping on people. He’s also generally offended that we treat him like a dog instead of a real person like he thinks we should. He’s 100% smarter than his owner, Ian (me) and enjoys reminding us of that daily. None-the-less, his Aussie/Bernese make up makes him the perfect dog for the mountains. He loves the snow in the winter and spends his summers hiking and climbing. And if you’re lucky, he might just try to heard your car as you’re leaving the parking lot.

Age: 2.5
Breed: Bernese Mountain / Australian Shepherd mix
Likes: jumping, climbing, running, herding, chewing, and moving. Snow, horses, being dirty.
Dislikes: nothing. The world “is for dog.” Maybe catsup.
Secret Ambition: global domination. As a natural born herding dog, his one true goal is to control everything happening all the time.


Lulu has been hanging out in the accounting department for awhile now. Shes a 7 year old rescue Rottweiler who loves coming to work with her dad, Darren. She has just acquired a little brother (we know how annoying those can be) Thor, who you’ll hear about below. She enjoys long walks and and chewing on her bones while looking out the door of the accounting office at all the action.

Age: 7
Breed: Rottweiler
Likes: Bones and walks
Dislikes: don’t touch my but
Secret Ambition: Happy with what she has….


Thor and Lulu live in the accounting department. Lulu, a female Rottweiler has been around the office for a while now, but she’s just acquired a BABY brother – Thor, the youngest of our puppy pals. Admittedly, we don’t know much about him because he’s so young he hasn’t even come into the office yet. Things we do know: He’s adorable, he’s a Michigan State Fan, he hasn’t fully grasped the difference between the inside lawn and the outside lawn (if you catch my drift), and he enjoys snuggles and doing math equations with his dad, Darren.

Age: 1
Breed: Rottweiler
Likes: Annoying Lulu and bones
Dislikes: Having a broken leg and his cast
Secret Ambition: to take over the world. (As soon as my leg is fixed)

Beorn Von Haus Royal a.k.a. Chief Redbone

Beorn Von Haus Royal, more affectionately known as Chief came to us about a year ago. One of two dogs in the marketing department he can most often be found patrolling the aisle way waiting for doting staff members to come play with him. Chief comes from a long line of strong blooded Rottweiler’s and fits every characteristic of the breed; fun loving, intelligent, playful, loyal and gentle as can be. He enjoys chasing his buddy Frank (who you’ll meet in Round 3) around the office, chewing on Pine Cones freshly fallen in the front yard, and heading into the wilderness with our Creative Overlord Steve aka Nowak.

Age: 1
Breed: Rottweiler
Likes: Balls, Pine Cones, Snow, Hiking, Deer, Venison Scraps, Organic Free Range Eggs from Grandpas Farm
Dislikes: The Vet, Shots
Secret Ambition: To chase down a deer and eat all the pine cones so he can puke them up at my desk

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