ripclear1My family’s standing joke is that I am the ‘product tester’ of the family because I can seemingly wreak anything from Oakleys to canoe paddles. Because of this, I always feel a certain amount of anxiety with new goggles. I know too well that my wear and tear lifestyle will drag them through hell and back. This winter I was at the peak of my goggle abuse, a small pile of battered lens littering my gear locker. Then I met Ryan Doherty, laid back and contagiously funny; one of those guys you immediately like.

Ripclear3Zack Hines and Ryan Doherty, co founders of Ripclear, are young, energized, and eager to talk about Ripclear. Ripclear is a clear film that seamlessly sticks to your goggles (yes, wildly curved ones too). This film ensures scratch protection and clarity on grime filled ice days and wear and tear from storage. According to Hines, Ripclear started because of one issue, lens rash. “We’ve all experienced it, the $100 pair of goggles ruined because of one careless drop, forgetting your protective bag on your big trip, hitting the glades and that tree branch, or by just wiping your lens (and scratching it) in the wintry mix on the summit,” he explained.


“We started Ripclear to solve a recurring problem in our own lives; we were wrecking our $200 goggles too frequently. Goggles are so expensive, yet they are still not properly protected. Who needs their expensive goggles to take a drop, scratch, or hit and get damaged anymore? What we truly need are clean protective films, fresh cleaning kits and easy access to these products.” And so Ripclear was born.


Ripclear is bi-coastal, based out of New York City and Bend, Oregon. Their goal is simple: provide riders with a quality product to protect lens and ensure optical clarity, even on the low visibility icy days. Ripclear even offers a monthly subscription program for protective films and cleaning kits. Save your goggles and get clear. “Ripclear and ride”, it’s that easy.

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Ripclear: The Clear Solution for Lens Rash? - Blog
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Ripclear: The Clear Solution for Lens Rash? - Blog
Check out Ripclear and say goodbye to goggle lens rash. This film applies to your goggle lens so you don't have to worry about scrapes and scratches!

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