Recently, technology has been inserting itself all over the outdoor industry in fascinating new ways. As the tech world continues to get lighter, faster and more powerful, its infinite reach is following suit. Enter, Abom Goggles, the first set of goggles with an active anti-fog technology.

The idea was simple, you can’t ski if you can’t see. Anyone who’s been out in varying conditions, poor temps and nasty weather knows the struggle behind foggy goggles. They cloud your vision, hinder your skiing and can even freeze overnight. There are 1,000 tricks to stop this, spit and rub, fancy coatings, built in climate control (fans) and even some strange DIY home solutions like bacon grease (yeah, someone actually told me that once). What doesn’t exist is an active, consistent for all day skiing.

To understand this better you have to have a basic understanding of why things fog, and how to stop it. Fog is essentially moisture from the air condensing on a surface, much like the “sweat” on the outside of your beer. Take a quick look at this video, this guy is a genius (literally, he’s an ex-NASA engineer who quit his job to teach science on the internet) and you’re going to learn some life skills too.

Essentially it breaks down to the interaction between a hot climate zone and a cold climate zone. When moisture gets warm it turns into vapor and when it cools it turns into water droplets. When you’re wearing your goggles, you’re filling the inside with warm moisture that’s floating around like vapor. The lens that’s making contact with the air outside is then cooled which creates a space for moisture vapor to collect and turn into fog.

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What Abom goggles do is use a clear film squished in-between two lenses to keep a consistent temperature between the inside (warm) and outside (cold) air. This consistent temperature prevents fog from building up, or, in the rare chance that it does, helps clear them out quickly. The concept has actually been around for a long time in the rear windows of cars. In the winter, your car freezes up and fog collects on the back window, so you push the little button and those tiny black lines heat up the glass to help melt the ice and prevent fogging. Abom just took that idea and made it smaller.

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What’s particularly neat about Abom goggles is the power source, the charging and the tech. There are other goggles that use electricity to defog the lenses, however, none of them allow for continuous use like the Abom model does. Most have a one-touch button that sends a blast of heat through the lens to de-fog before shutting off again. Abom, on the other hand, has a full on/off switch that will provide the same temperature for up to 6 hours of skiing. What’s even better is that these goggles also have what they call “boost mode” which does exactly what all the other goggles do, it provides a quick blast of heat just in case of an unfortunate fogging incident. The charging source is a wonderful convenience as well. They use a micro USB cord that is super versatile. You can use your car phone charger, portable charger or any other form of USB for quick and easy charging that happens in just a couple hours. That mean’s as soon as you’re done on the hill, you can plug these in for that long drive home from the mountain and be ready to go the next day.

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