Yeah, you read that right.  Playboy has come out with a video of two bunnies waxing a pair of skis, and no, that isn’t a euphemism.

The truth is, the video is pretty straightforward and clean.  Yes, they wearing low cut skin-tight suits, but they are actually teaching how to wax a ski.  And for anyone who has attempted to produce educational content, it has always been a struggle to keep it interesting and get people to click on it.  I’ll just say it, educational content can be pretty boring. Am I personally (as a female) a huge fan of this video?  No.  Do I mind it?  Not really.  Do I think Playboy has figured out a way to make educational content go viral?  Of course, and maybe that’s the point. But the real question is, would you trust two Playboy bunnies to wax your skis?  I know my answer…

Playboy Bunnies Wax Skis
Playboy Bunnies Wax Skis

Here a couple of Playboy Bunnies Teach us how to wax skis. They actually do a good job in showing the correct steps to maintain and keep your skis fast.

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