Looking for top notch audio in a rugged environment? Then Outdoor Tech is for you. Their mission is simple, spend time outside without having to give up technology. It’s no secret that the outdoor industry is changing. It’s growing at an incredible pace as more and more people leave the confines of their office or home and with that, comes the inevitable integration into the 21st century via smart phones, GPS, the internet and social media. Outdoor Tech simply looks to provide the tools necessary to keep up with the evolving technological side of the outdoor world.


Outdoor Tech produces a variety of products that range from power sources to personal headphones to large basecamp speakers. In keeping with their goal of outdoor use, they’ve incorporated an array of features to ensure your tech can go anywhere you do. All of their products are Bluetooth based, so you can be 100% hands-free. If you’ve ever tried to run a marathon or hit the slopes while dealing with a pesky headphone cord, you know it can get annoying. The products are also all water, sweat, and dust resistant so you can take them to the beach, on a run, out on the boat, or out in the rain without concern. They’ve also all been given a built-in microphone, something you don’t entirely appreciate until you have it. And most importantly, and probably coolest, they all have simple, touch or 3 button controls on them so you never have to interact with your device once the speakers are turned on. Again, something you don’t know you need until you’ve been charging hard and crushing turns all while answering calls, controlling the volume, changing tracks and voice texting your buddies to tell them how cool you are.

Let’s toss a couple examples out there:

OUTDOOR-TECH-KODIAK-RUGGEDIZED-PORTABLE-CHARGER-1The ODT Kodiak Power Bank – This bombproof power source is the ideal companion for any backcountry ski trip. It’s a 6000 mAh battery designed to be dust and waterproof and it’ll charge your phone multiple times before needing to re-juice. The convenient battery indicator lets you know just how much is in the tank and with a recharge time of just 4 hours it’s easy to refill on the go.

81jX2EvGi+L._SL1500_The ODT BuckshotThe Buckshot is what really changed the game. This tiny speaker will pump out high-quality sounds for 16 hours and weighs under 6 ounces. It’s perfect for backpacking, bike rides, SUP, and hot tubs. Small and compact, this will fit anywhere and it comes with a neat little rubber strap to keep it securely attached to your favorite Ski Pole, SUP Paddle, Bike Handle or anything else you can think of.

OT-Turtleshell-2The ODT Turtle Shell 2.0 Speaker – Looking for something with a little more oomph? The Turtle Shell speaker can bring the party. With two speakers and a passive bass radiator, you get high-quality sound flowing in multiple directions. It has three separate mounting options so you can hang it on a pack, screw it onto a tripod or stick it to your paddle board with the built in suction cup feet. It’ll last for 16 hours on a full charge and has built in three button controls. (Looking for more? Check out the BIG Turtle shell for even more size and sound.)

Outdoor-Technology-Wireless-HeadphonesThe ODT Privates – These headphones are the cream of the crop. They’ve got a fully integrated hi-fi sounds system, Bluetooth connectivity, and built-in microphone, and most importantly, touch pad controls. No finding the volume button, or fiddling to switch tracks, simply swipe your fingers left to right or up and down to pick your perfect jam.

bluetooth-audio-receiverThe Adapt – Already have a pair of headphones you love but don’t want to miss out on all the hot Bluetooth action? Well, The Adapt is the easy solution. It’s a small, simple adapter that turns any set of headphones into a fully operational Bluetooth setup AND includes yet another built-in mic. Boom. Want Practicality? Hook this up to the aux cord in your car for hands-free surround sound out of your car stereo. #Nailedit.

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