Spring time is here and summer is on its way, and that means it’s time for some new clothes.  Yep, it’s finally time to put away those winter coats and snow pants and trade up for some lightweight and even some technical gear for your summer adventures.  Whether your summertime activities involve hiking the backcountry, paddling the rivers and lake, or just sunbathing, we’ve got the stuff to cover you.  And here at Skis.com, we’ve expanded our selection this year to bring you even more options for your warm weather apparel.  So let us introduce you to some new brands for this year we are very excited about.

United by Blue is a brand that was founded on the belief that we should protect the world we play in, and as a brand that was developed for time on the water.  They pledged from the get go to remove one pound of trash from our waterways for every t-shirt they sold.  They have since expanded their line from organic t-shirts to sustainable made apparel, accessories, and bags, while still organizing and hosting river and lake cleanups.

Skis.com also believes in protecting the world we play in and is excited to partner with United by Blue to bring our customers durable, fashionable, and environmentally conscious products.  Our women’s cotton t-shirts offer comfort and style for all your outdoor endeavors, or just lounging around the house for the day.  And if you’re looking for an outdoorsy way of drinking, look no further than United by Blue’s line of accessories with the coolest mugs, cups, and shot glasses out there.  But hurry, this stuff won’t last long!

Tentree is another brand that was built on the idea of responsibility and environmental sustainability.   Tentree saw what devastating impact deforestation was having on the planet, and decided to do something about it.  So for every product they sell, they plant and ensure the survival often trees.  That’s right, ten.  And this is all over the world they are doing this.  These trees are meant to offset their environmental impact, as well as create jobs and sustainable fuel sources for the world.  Doesn’t get much more socially responsible than that eh?

But Tentree doesn’t just focus on the world around them, they also create great products.  And this year Skis.com has brought in some awesome Tentree options for women to rock out in this summer.  From soft cotton tank tops to cute on trend button ups, Tentree clothing is the brand to pick up for this season.  Check them out now and help support the environment while staying stylish in the warm days to come.

Prana is probably a brand that you’ve heard of, and if you haven’t, it’s definitely one to look into.  It’s well known for a reason because it offers some of the most comfortable movement clothes out there.  This brand was built on making free-spirited clothing for the wild at heart, and it really shines through in their products by way of creative prints, new silhouettes, and the most amazing fabrics for everything from yoga to climbing.  And they aren’t left out of the sustainability side of the outdoor clothing world, Prana gives back to their communities and invests on environmentally friendly fabrics and practices, ensuring that the nature they love so dearly is protected.

Technically, Prana isn’t a new brand for Skis.com.  But we love their clothes so much we decided to expand our selection this year.  If you’re looking for some stylish new gear for this summer, you’ve got to check out their new dresses, tops, skirts, and leggings.  Our favorite for this season is the Mantra Pant.  They are by far and away the best lightweight lounge pants out there.  Made from recycled polyester, these pants feel like you’re wearing next to nothing.  But they also offer UPF 50 sun protection and moisture wicking properties if you decide to take them outside for some vigorous activity.  Pick up a pair and see for yourself.

Kavu has been well known for their bags for a few years now, but did you know they also offer an amazing clothing line as well?  Yep, and they built their clothing line to center around what they believe in, making the most out of every day.  Their philosophy aligns with their inner spirit, creating products that help you enjoy the outdoors and express your creative side.  Their wild prints and unique styling offer some different choices to show your wild side this summer.

Kavu’s clothing line is perfect for hanging on the beach to hiking through the woods, and everything in between.  Check out their adorable skirts and dresses for this season here, they’re our favorite.  But let’s not forget about Kavu’s roots, their bag lines.  Kavu bags are too cute for words and a practical everyday option for carrying whatever you need.  Check out our selection of Kavu bags and find the perfect summer bag for your style.

If you’re looking for clothes to really help you enjoy the outdoors this year, look no further than ExOfficio.  They have designed all their apparel to focus on technologies to improve time spent outside or inside.  They incorporate everything from wrinkle resistant fabrics, sun protection, moisture wicking abilities, breathability, odor resistant, and water resistance in their apparel.  But maybe the most exciting feature is their bugs-away technology, which helps shield you from bugs without all the chemicals in bug spray.  Their garments are well-known for their comfort and dependability, and with good reason.

Skis.com knows that our customers love the outdoors, but sometimes you need some gear just for travel purposes.  And ExOfficio makes some of the best travel gear available.  Check out the Women’s Fresco Shirt if you’re looking for top of the line travel wear.  It offers a comfortable, soft, and lightweight shirt with roll up sleeves to keep cool and odor resistance fabric for those long days in the car, on a plane, or however you choose to travel.   You really can’t go wrong with any of ExOffico’s gear for this summer, check out all their options here at Skis.com.

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