When you think Skis.com you probably think about… well… skis.  And we get that.  But we are expanding our offerings to bring you year-round fun for all your outdoor activities.  Whether it be running, hiking, camping, paddling, sunbathing, wakeboarding, and any other adventures you can think of for summer, we’ve got the right gear for you.  And this year we’ve gone and expanded our men’s summer apparel selection to bring you style and technical wear for the warmer months this year.  Or at least something to do with your time until the slopes open back up.  Here are some of the new brands on our site for this season.

Dakota Grizzly is a St. Louis-born brand that is as outdoor as its name suggests.  This brand was developed for the outdoor guy with clothes that reflect an outdoor soul without looking too granola-eating-Birkenstock-wearing outdoorsy.  It combines the lumberjack look with a touch of style for the perfect everyday clothing.  We have everything from hoodies to button ups to t-shirts, and really what more do you need?  Our favorite for this season is the Kai Men’s Shirt.  Not only does it look fly, but it’s also made from breathable fabric to keep you comfy on warm summer days.

Ok, you got us, Burton isn’t a new brand.  But their summer line is still pretty new, and we are really excited to offer it this summer.  Burton has always been committed to bringing outdoor enthusiasts the best products out there with style and tech that was on the frontlines of innovation.  And their summer line is no exception.  For the in between months or chilly nights, we suggest checking out the Brighton Long Sleeve Flannel. With a classic fit and 100% cotton construction, this is the comfy everyday flannel made to fit anyone.

 There are a lot of brands out there that are focused around water, but none quite like Howler Brothers.  This brand was made from a love of fishing, paddling, surfing, and all things water, as well as perhaps all things funky and unique.  They really bring a taste of different to the world of outdoor summer gear.  Their vibrant and diverse offerings are definitely something to check out this summer.   Their trademark Howler Bros t-shirt is the staple of their line,  but the item to have for this season is the Loggerhead Shirt.  It’s an entirely different take on sun protection shirts with tech features and the perfect fishing/boating/lounging outside shirt for this summer.

Toad and Co brings a more mature and cleaner style and look to our selection at Skis.com.  This brand was built on the ideas of social and environmental responsibility, and they bring stylish durable sustainable clothing options for the summer that also offer tech features to keep you cool and comfortable.  Some of these tech features include water resistance, breathability, and sun protection.  But the technology that sets Toad and Co apart is the debug tech which keeps away bugs without bug spray.  This means no more funk smells, heavy chemicals, and carrying around aerosol cans that you have to reapply every few hours just to keep the bugs away.  Our favorite shirt with this feature is the Debug UPF Lightness Shirt ,  which is the perfect choice for a long day out in the sun and then an all-night bonfire in the woods.

Simms has a pretty simple motto, they’re a fishing company.  They eat, breathe, and sleep fishing.  This means that they know fishing inside and out, and they’ve crafted a whole line of apparel around their knowledge base.  They were one of the first companies to introduce neoprene fishing waiters, a major breakthrough in functional fishing wear.  They have since expanded to bring innovative technologies into their fishing clothing while also being dedicated to fisheries conservation to protect the world they play in.  They even have a dedicated line that is made in the USA to support local jobs and industries.  If you’re looking for top of the line fishing gear look no further than the Simms Intruder Bicomp Long Sleeve Shirt.  This shirt offers full protection from the sun with total coverage and a UPF 30 rating, while also being lightweight and breathable to ensure that you don’t overheat even on the warmer days.  Quick dry and moisture wicking technologies allow total comfort no matter what the conditions and anti-odor features mean no more smelly shirts after a long day out in the sun and then an all-night bonfire in the wood

Woolrich calls themselves the original outdoor clothing company, and with good reason.  They were founded way back in 1830, that’s about as original as it gets.  Have you ever heard of the buffalo check?  That big square checkered pattern you see on all the flannels?  Yeah, that’s a Woolrich design.  They offer everything from durable and heavy duty performance goods to casual everyday street wear.  Looking for a stylish classic piece?  Check out the Woolrich Weekend Eco Rich Double Weave Shirt  for a wear anywhere do anything long sleeve shirt.  The soft comfortable 100% cotton fabric is super soft while the checkered print hits on the inside sleeve cuffs offer just a touch of style.  If you’re looking for something a little more funky and unique for this summer season check out the Walnut Run Shirt. This short sleeve button up offers a very different look than your run of the mill plaids.  But whatever your style, Woolrich has you covered with their offerings for the 2017 summer season.

Every season calls for new gear, and this summer is no exception.  So check out all our new brands, and more on Skis.com for all your warm weather excursions.  We have the gear you’ll love and the style you need to get you through til the next ski season.  Find all our offerings for spring and summer clothes here.

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