“Wear it. Mount it. Love it. Go Pro.”

The GoPro is a staple in the ski industry, and most skiers happily turn themselves into skiing Teletubbies in order to capture the “moment”. The versatility of the GoPro is unparalleled. If you ski with a helmet mount day in and day out all your footage will look exactly the same. The key to interesting footage is to change your angles. Come up with creative angles and mounts to mix it up! Remember, unless you are ripping Corbet’s Couloir your footage depends on creativity to look dynamic and extreme (which after all is what you want). Here are 5 of the coolest ways to rethink how you can use your GoPro and maximize your shot.


  1. 360°Time Lapse. Hoping to catch a stunning 360°time-lapse shot!? Simply nab the GoPro suction cup mount or adhesive mounting strip and lock your go-pro to the top of a timer. Set your camera up in the middle of a yurt base camp or out on snow and let the timer do the work for you. Attaching your GoPro to a timer will create the smooth rotation needed for amazing time-lapse videos! What type of timer? My two favorite options are the epic Camarush Camalapse 3 timer and the inexpensive Ikea Ordning timer. Both have smooth flat mounting surfaces that are ideal for the GoPro adhesive mounting strips. The Camalapse 3 is preferred because it can be effortlessly mounted to a tripod. Having a rotating time lapse will expand what you can do with your GoPro. Check out timers below:

Ikea Ordning stainless steel timer:

Camalapse 3:       

gopro 1


  1. Extend your range. There are countless ways to use pole mounts to extend outward from your body. I use a pole mount to clip my GoPro onto my ski pole to snag shots of friends. Need more range? Grab a telescoping pole and you can get great chairlift or follow shots. UK Pro offers 2 different size poles to meet your need. I like the 38HD because it collapses so small. You can also MacGyver a pole mount with a ski pole or good old-fashioned PVC. The GoPro Seatpost Mount is particularly useful for mounting to a ski pole. Remember that a POV (point of view) camera typically has a very wide-angle lens, so the closer you can get to the action the better. Experiment with using your pole reach on the chair lift, with low angle shots, and even secure it to your backpack to get an elevated overhead shot.

gopro 3


  1. Rethink your helmet mount. Ditch the standard helmet mount and try something new. One cool twist is to orient your camera backwards to create a reverse follow cam perspective. Another more adventurous approach is to actually create a 360° Swiveling Helmet Mount and impress all your friends. This gives the unique perspective of a floating camera following your action. With a counterweight and free float rotation having a 360° Swiveling Helmet Mount truly revolutionizes your shots. It also allows you to be totally hands free!

[vimeo 66758605 w=500 h=281]


Check out:  http://www.goswivel360.com

gopro 2


  1. Crank up the Noise. My continual and sole complaint with my GoPro is its inefficient sound. I often risk my GoPro’s life taking it out of its case to nab sound bites. If you are making a short film adding audio or a short interview really makes a difference. Bump up your sound by incorporating a GoPro microphone, like the Polar GoPro mic (last I checked it costs $30). The microphone is roughly the length of the camera and definitely upgrades the GoPro’s sound quality. There are many types of microphones available on the market and it is well worth checking them out.

gopro 4


  1. Meet the drone & take flight. Ultra light, moderately priced (ok, still expensive) GoPro drones are taking the ski industry by storm. I recently had the pleasure of fiddling with (and almost loosing) the Pocket Drone. This small tricoptor has three propellers and clocks about 20 min of flight time. Using a drone allows you to take high quality aerial shots with your own mini helicopter. We were sitting on the chair and the drone flew off the chair and gave this killer wide-angle shot of us on the ride. This type of shot makes film memorable and captivating. This is the ultimate GoPro mount in my book.

Pocket Drone




Check out other sweet GoPro Mounts here:



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