The dogs are back and there are more now than ever! Here at we love our dog friendly work environment, and since our first and second installments of Meet the Office Dogs of, we’ve had quite a few new additions to the pack. Are you ready to meet our newest furry friends?


Office Dogs

Jackson, a 12 year old Sheltie is our resident senior citizen of the bunch. He enjoys following his human Barry around the office, going outside for breaks and wandering around looking for people to pet him while Barry is hard at work in customer service. When Jackson is not in the office we’re pretty sure he’s having fun roaming around his home town of Keego Harbor.

Age: 12 years old
Breed: Sheltie
Likes: All meat and no potatoes
Dislikes: Having a bad hair day
Secret Ambition: To be an Olympic pole dancer


Office Dogs

Dillinger, a half German Shorthair Pointer, half Australian Shepherd spends his days in the office hard at work in customer service with his human Dru. We love it when he gets dapper and shows up to work in one of his many bow ties, and he loves when Chelsea takes him out for special walks during the day. He also enjoys rough-housing with his boys Chief (who you met in round two) and Frank (who you’ll meet in just a minute) on the front lawn!

Age: A year and some change
Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer/Australian Shepherd
Likes: Being friends with everything and everyone, running face down in the snow, sitting in front of vents and cat nip
Dislikes: People in hats, metal gates, people touching his butt
Secret Ambition: He wants to be a cat


Office Dogs

Harlo, a 4-month old Australian Shepherd is the baby of the bunch. This little guy is full of energy and loves hanging out in marketing with his human Joe. When he’s not taking naps or out playing in the snow, he’s making noise with his favorite squeaky toy and bouncing around the office to say hello to anyone willing to give him a pet and a little love.

Age: 4 months old
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Likes: Playing in the snow
Dislikes: Hockey sticks
Secret Ambition: To sleep on the couch


Office Dogs

Frank, a 2 year old English Sheepdog/Irish Wolfhound mix loves coming to work with our ski buyer, Thom. His favorite part about coming to the office is being able to see his best bud Chief and getting to play on the front lawn with the other office dogs. Frank also likes being the first one here so he can take laps around the back of the office to burn off some energy, and get that early morning workout in.

Age: 2
Breed: Old English Sheepdog/Irish Wolfhound Mix
Likes: His little Pomeranian brother William, his best friend Chief Redbone, every dog in the world, antlers, snow, sticking his head out the sunroof, and hot laps in his backyard
Dislikes: Sudden movements/noises, any type of clothing or blanket covering him (it literally makes him freeze in place and unable to move), not being allowed to play with every dog/animal he sees
Secret Ambition: To be chased through a snow covered field by no fewer than 50 dogs

Charlie and Damon

Charlie, a 6 ½ year old Husky comes to work with his humans Megan and Rich, but spends most of his time guarding the accounting office with his mom when Lulu (you met her in round 2) isn’t there, overseeing not only our book-keeping and human resources departments – but checking in on his dad and the wholesale department as well.

Age: Six and a half years old
Breed: Husky from Colorado
Likes: Fresh powder to play in, anything with Paul Walker in it, sleeping, pun-husky memes, and staring contests
Dislikes: Sharing (anything)
Secret Ambition: To excavate a subterranean lair in his backyard where he can amass the world’s largest private collection of dog toys to be enjoyed solely by himself

Damon is a 2 year old Shiba Inu, who is incredibly paws-on in the office while his brother Charlie takes power-naps throughout the day. Damon is always ready to greet you at the baby gate that separates him from the rest of the office world. Whether he’s patrolling office corridors or behind closed conference doors this dedicated summiteer can be heard throughout the office.

Age: Two years old
Breed: Black and tan Shiba Inu from Mars
Likes: Barking at squirrels, nervous pacing, barking at pedestrians, hiding under the bed, eating things that are hard to “pass”
Dislikes: Windows, squirrels, pedestrians, and passing half-digested tennis balls
Secret Ambition: To break down all social barriers and constraints in regards to the myopic world views of contemporary society, especially those pertaining to windows and squirrels


Office DOgs

Roscoe, a 4 year old Shepherd/Akita mix is our jolly giant of the pack. This big fluffy pup loves coming to work to help his human dad Pat make of all our videos. When Roscoe’s at the studio he loves visiting with his girlfriend Izzy (pictured above), playing fetch with our photographer Devin, and finding nice places to take long cat naps, until he can sneak outside for his next break!

Age: 4
Breed: Shepherd/Akita mix
Likes: Snow, howling with his homies, butt scratchins’, belly rubs, sitting on people
Dislikes: Summer, alone time, weekends because he loves coming into work
Secret Ambition: To be featured as a centerfold in dog fancy magazine

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