Make your next edit epic with these 10 GoPro tips:

By now, every skier and their brother has a GoPro, and you’ve probably seen hundreds of poorly-shot, boring GoPro ski videos. We want to help your video stand out from the crowd, so we’ve compiled a list of ways you can make your GoPro edit better than the rest. Whether you’re a weekend warrior just trying to show off to friends and family or an aspiring pro, these tips will help your videos go from mundane to must-watch:

  1. Practice with your gear
    Before you even leave home, take the time to practice mounting, adjusting and filming with your GoPro camera. Identify any difficulties and figure out a solution before heading out. The more familiar you are with your gear, the easier and more effective your filming will be. This quick trial run will help save you precious shred time while out on the mountain.
  2. Double check your supplies before you go
    There’s no better way to ruin a day of filming than a dead battery or a full memory card. Make absolutely sure that before you go you check to see if the battery is fully charged and the memory card has sufficient room. It’s also not a bad idea to bring an extra battery and memory card with you, lest you’re out there for longer than expected.
  3. Tighten up to avoid vibration
    You’ll encounter some bumpy slopes inevitably, and a shaky camera can ruin some otherwise great footage. Make sure you’re camera and all attached parts are firmly in place, and if you’re wearing a chest mount, keep the harness on tight to your body. Try to absorb as much vibration as possible with your legs to keep the top half of you steady, especially when holding a pole mount.
  4. Fine-tune your camera settings
    You want the action your GoPro captures to be as crisp and clear as possible, so take a second to ensure all the optimal settings are chosen on the camera. Typically, you’ll want to put the camera to capture in a higher frame rate so the footage you get will come out smoother. 60 FPS is ideal for skiing, but you may want to bump it up to 120 FPS for certain shots if you plan on putting them in slow motion. Also look to use GoPro’s Superview, which will expand the height and width of what the camera captures.
  5. Map out your shots
    Perfect shots don’t just happen by accident. Plan what you want to capture and where going into the day. Leave room for improvisation once you’re out there, but you’ll use your time more efficiently if you have an idea of what it is you’re looking for. This way you won’t end up with a reel full of mismatched scenes and shots.
  6. Mix it up
    A video only shot from one angle is unlikely to hold a viewers attention very long. You need to change up your shot choice to keep it interesting. Use different mounts to switch up the viewing angle, and have your friends take some footage of you so you can mix in some non-POV shots. Play around with how you frame or angle your shots and it’ll give you a variety of shot choices to choose from when it comes time to edit.
  7. Get some non-skiing shots
    Think of the last killer ski edit you’ve watched. Chances are there’s some shots of stuff like the road trip to the mountain or the skiers getting suited up. Shots like these are great for setting a scene and helping to tell a story, adding a build up to the actual skiing footage. Scenic mountain views and fun clips of apres ski can help break up the action and add some personality, as well.
  8. Pick the right editing software
    There are dozens of choices when it comes to quality software, but look around to see what fits your needs and budget. If you only plan on showing this footage to family and friends, you can get away with one of the free programs that comes installed on your computer or available for download online. Some of the pricier options out there are much more advanced and will give you full creative control over your video. Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s Premiere Pro are both good choices for those wanting their edit to look professionally done.
  9. Sequence your edit
    This ties in with your selection of shots you took earlier. Once you have all the footage you want to use picked out, you can then decide how you want to order it within your video. Sequence things in a way where clips build upon each other and build suspense. You never see a ski video lead with the best trick because everything that comes after that would just be a disappointment, so think about where in the video is the ideal time for each shot you use.
  10. Use filters, effects and music to make your edit more appealing
    One of the great things about editing programs today: They come with a surplus of cool capabilities. Add filters, visual effects, music and more to up the ante when it comes to your video’s presentation and styling. Good music, in particular, can really enhance the mood and excitement of your video, so choose something that fits with the action on screen.

GoPro videos can be incredibly engaging…when done right. Don’t release another yawn-inducing, single-shot video that no one wants to watch; use these tips to help create your very own epic ski masterpiece.

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