Our Snowboard Buyer, Jenna, recently took the day off to go play around on the new K2 Party Platter. It’ll be out next season and everyone needs to own one. 

Mother Nature was kind to us this past weekend. At the end of a winter that brought record highs and an enormous amount of rain, she still had one last trick in her book and dumped 20 inches of fresh snow on our northern Michigan resorts. That being said, it was a no brainer for myself and about 7 other coworkers to take the day off and head out for a powder day. Fresh snow and 36 degrees made this blue bird day one of the best all year, but it was my brand new K2 Party Platter that topped the cake.

My favorite board all season, the Party Platter takes an old school surf inspired shape and updates it with new school versatility. This is actually a common trend for the upcoming 16/17 season as many boards like this are coming out, but some of these shapes accomplish this better than others. Here’s why the Party Platter will be my go to for next season.

HikeThe Length: To start, it only comes in a 143 and a 150, and yes it is a men’s board, however lots of girls (including myself) demoed it this year and loved it. Because of the volume shift, you actually downsize it about 7 to 10 cm from what you’d normally ride.  The surface area needed for float and to support your weight is still there, but the lack of length makes it super maneuverable.

How it rides in powder: Looking at this board with its big ole wide nose and its tiny little tail, the first thing you’d assume is that it crushes it in the powder. You’d be correct. It has what K2 calls Tweekend, which gives you a flat dependable area in the middle of the board with tons of rocker in the nose and just a little in the tail. The rocker extends all the way to the ends of the board, so it gives you these stable platforms which allow the board to float effortlessly. I noticed that even when it started to get choppy, the width in the nose allows you to plow through just about anything, while the tail only requires little adjustments for direction change. As someone who doesn’t get a ton of powder days under their belt, letting this board do all the work when things get deep is key.

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Riding 1How it rides in the trees: I love riding in the trees, but I’m terrible at it. I don’t think quickly enough and sometimes I have trouble focusing on my path rather than what I don’t want to hit. The Party Platter however makes me much better at it than I should be. Again, the ability to make little adjustments with little effort makes a world of difference when things get tight. Just being on an overall shorter deck makes things easier too. My tail wasn’t getting hooked up like it tends to because I wasn’t turning quick enough and when I made a decision too late it really wasn’t an issue. Honestly, I felt like I was riding quicker and more aggressively through the trees because I was more confident.

How it rides on Groomers: This is where the board really surprised me. Initially when these shapes first started coming out I just assumed they were strictly powder boards. However, I was shocked to find that many of them fair pretty well on hard packed too. The Party Platter does more than fair well though, it rips. You would think with the lack of length and with the rocker it would be tough to hold an edge, but the long flat section in the middle keeps things stable even at higher speeds. The Party Platter has an Ollie bar in it too, so not only is it quick but it’s poppy and responsive as well. In fact, the day after our epic powder day a lot of the terrain had been groomed out and I contemplated jumping on my other board. I’m glad I didn’t though as it held its own on the hard packed well still giving me the versatility to jump into the trees for those hidden stashes.

Riding 3So why add a board like this to your quiver? To me it introduces a whole new style of riding. I’ve been riding for almost 15 years and grew up on ice and hard packed Midwest snow. I tend to have a pretty ridged style. Jumping on these directionally shaped surf inspired boards with a little tail has forced me to sit back and loosen up a bit. It’s relaxed my riding and given me more of that surfy feel that I had always wanted. It’s cool to see snowboarding going in a direction that is accessible to everyone. You don’t have to be a park rider or some hard charger to take advantage of what’s new and exciting in snowboard. It’s definitely worth giving the K2 Party Platter or something like it a shot.