As a follow up to my previous article about the She Jumps Organization, I decided to answer the question why jump In? I caught up with the busy Pacific Coast She jumps ambassador, Lindsey Clark, for 4 quick questions to explain why you should get involved with She Jumps.

  1. 1.    How did you get involved with she jumps? And what is the best way for new ladies to get involved?

In a moment of serendipity, I met Lynsey Dyer at a trade show a few winters ago. She shared with me the SheJumps mission of increasing female participation in outdoor activities. I am all about female empowerment, and was immediately scheming about how to bring that mission to central Oregon! Our first SheJumps event was a Get the Girls Out at Mt. Bachelor in February of 2013. We had over 40 women show up and rally around the mountain together, so I knew we were on to something good! The best way for ladies to get involved is to attend an event! All our events are posted on our website: and facebook:

  1. What is unique about the she jumps organization? 

SheJumps is unique because we have a wide variety of programs to accomplish our mission for ladies of all ages and ability levels! We offer outdoor education programs, youth initiatives, and our signature Get the Girls Out events that build communities of active women all over the country.

  1. Why ski with other girls? How is it different than skiing with the boys?

Skiing with a crew of women is fun, giggly, colorful and empowering! The energy is uniquely amazing. I love to learn new skills and challenge myself in a group of women — it is so much easier and more fun to reach out of my comfort zone in such a supportive environment.

  1.  What do you hope other women gain by participating in she jumps?

My main goal for organizing events in central Oregon is to build a community of active women in our area. If a woman comes to a SheJumps event and makes one new ski buddy, then mission accomplished! I also hope that women are able to learn new outdoor skills and reach out of their comfort zone to try something new that perhaps has intimidated them in the past. Mentorship, partnership, encouragement and fun are what we are all about!shejump3

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