As stated in Part 1, inline skates are now available on Here are three more reasons why every skier should own a pair of inline skates.

Work out anywhere with inline skates

Inline SkatingSkiing requires stuff, a lot of stuff. Boot bags, roof boxes, and backpacks full of gear for a day on the hill. Multiply that amount by however many family members you’ve got, and it can be like a game of Jenga is happening in your car on the way to the lifts.

A decent skate backpack like the Rollerblade Pro LT 30 will hold your skates, helmet and pads. An entire family’s worth of gear will fit in the trunk. Skates are ready to go when you need them, no fuss, no muss.

You see, inline skates open up a whole new opportunity to explore while getting a workout in. Next time you’re about to leave work and hear that traffic is heavy, pop on the ol’ Google maps machine and search bike paths near your location. I suspect you’ll find metro parks, rail trails and other bike paths you never knew existed. Make a list and tick off one trail each time traffic is thick and it looks like a pull-your-hairs-out commute. You’ll save some stress, all while getting prepped for ski season.

Since your skate gear is always at the ready, on really slammed workdays, you can fit in a lunchtime set. Pavement and parking lots surround your office. A nice 30-minute lunch routine could consist of 8 minutes of moderate effort followed by 2 minutes of hard effort, then repeat. Tidy up afterwards, and finish the workday knowing you got fit while your colleagues loafed about.

Inline skating can sharpen your on-snow skills

Inline SkatingThe dreaded off-season. Summer is like purgatory for skiers who are waiting out the span between cold months. With inline skates, you can work on skill sets that will help you perform better on the hill, since skating is about as close as you can get to skiing without snow.

Previously, we discussed some of the fitness benefits of skating. If you want to develop muscle and skills that will have a direct impact on your skiing, here is a little workout routine to try.

Resort skiing is an interval-based sport. We work hard on the downs, and rest on the ups, then repeat the process. Simulating this rhythm of work, rest, repeat, will put more life in your legs the next ski day. Skate until you’re nice and limber and warmed up. Now, begin a repeat of one minute of hard skating with your head down, pumping your arms from side-to-side like a speed skater, followed by one minute of lazy cruising standing up tall to catch your breath. Repeat as long as you feel comfortable. If you can make it 30 minutes, you’ll burn around 450 calories! You’ll also be working in intervals, which will directly translate to increased shred-ability on the mountain when the snow flies.

Inline skates are a high-value addition to the skiers’ toolkit.

Inline SkatingNo bones about it, skiing is an expensive sport. Aside from falconeering, polo, and offshore yachting, skiing is up there in the top echelon of pricey pastimes. That doesn’t stop us though, since skiing is the best sport in the history of sports.

Considering the amount of improvement you can gain from inlines, a pair of skates is a bargain buy for a skier. The new generation of inline skates packs a wallop for the buck. For the price of a couple days worth of lift tickets, or a couple months at the designer gym, you can have an aluminum chassis, quick-lace, super smooth rolling skate, ready to put down the miles year after year. For a pretty minimal investment in the scheme of winter sports, the return is huge. Take a chance this summer, grab some skates, and see what you’ve been missing.

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