The climate is changing – this we know. Temperatures, on average, are rising across the U.S., resulting in unpredictable weather patterns. Ski resorts that could in the past bank on heavy snowfall all season long are left waiting and watching, putting a whole industry in limbo. So how will climate change affect the future of the ski industry?

What’s at stake?

We begin our infographic series “Changing Conditions: How Climate Change Will Affect the Ski Industry” with a snapshot of the role winter sports plays in the U.S. economy. Winter sports (including snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and more) are proven to be an economic factor not only in mountain communities but all across the country, creating jobs and adding economic value at hundreds of touchpoints along the way.

More importantly, these are real people with real lives on the line. Thousands of good, hardworking people rely on the ski industry to make a living, and climate change threatens their way of life. Read on below to get the full picture on the type of impact the ski industry has in this country.

All credit for data used in infographic goes to Protect Our Winters. View their 2018 Economic Report to see the full findings of their research.

climate change and skiing -

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