Happy new year everyone!  To celebrate, let’s take a look back on some of our favorite and coolest skiing videos of 2015.

Candide Thovex – Quattro

Sure, we posted this video before, but we’re posting it again here because it’s just so cool.  Skiing on grass, dirt and pretty much anything but snow. Epic.

Eclipse – Salomon Freeski TV S9 E03

One of the most insane episodes to come out of this series, Eclipse follows the story of 3 pro skiers and their team chasing a picture of skiing through an eclipse.  This video has everything from polar bears, guns, narrow chutes, rain in the arctic, abandoned Russian towns, surprise hits right in the feels, crazy lines, and some of the most epic and beautiful ski shots I’ve ever seen.  It’s a little long but completely worth it.

FAST FORWARD – Kevin Rolland / Julien Regnier

What would you do if someone took your phone on the ski hill?  Would you ski off a balcony to get it?  Jump off a chairlift?  Launch a garbage truck? Ski down a luge run?  Well, that’s what happens when it’s two professional skiers in this video.

Jesper Tjäder | Unrailistic

Unrailistic doesn’t do this video justice as a title, it is flat out unreal.  More segments had me going “whoa, absolutely no way” than not.  Prepare to have your mind blown.

GoPro’s Year Recap Video

This video isn’t just about skiing, it’s about everything that’s ever looked like fun.  Nothing will get you more pumped up for the new year than this video, trust me.

What were your favorite edits from 2015?

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