Okay, I’ll admit it, I like my dog way more than I like my family. Check out what I’ll really be splurging on this year when going gift shopping. 

The RuffWear Highlands Pet Bed425981_6

So, the Highlands Pet Bed + Pad has been on my list for a while. This is purely a luxury item for my dog to replace what I’m currently using. Long story short, the ground is cold and makes you cold so when you’re sleeping outside its important to have something under you to insulate you from the ground. Right now I’m using an old Thermarest foam pad I’ve had laying around but my monster of a mutt just doesn’t quite fit. What I like about this system is that its insulated, water and dirt resistant and its round so when he curls up into a ball he’s not falling off the edges.

Blue Buffalo BLUE Wilderness Trail Treats2016-11-29_1748

Animals are just like humans. When it gets cold out you need more calories to burn to keep yourself warmer. It’s not really something you’d notice until you start spending days sleeping in your truck but it’s a thing. What I like about these treats is that they’re fairly high in calories and protein which creates a good combination of fast burning long lasting caloric burning. When I eat a cliff bar, he gets a couple treats and at night I usually give him a spoonful of peanut butter before bed.

The Ruffwear PolarTrex Dog Boots15301-polartrex-forestgreen-pair_zoom

Dog Boots. I used to think these were the most ridiculous invention in the world until I got a dog with really furry feet. Seriously, outside of salty sidewalks, I never thought these were a real thing. That being said, my monster mutt has these big ol’ Clydesdale style feet and he develops ice balls underneath them. It’s basically the icy version of having a rock in your shoe and dog boots are here to help prevent that.

KONG Wubbawubba_classic-700x700

This is pretty much just because it’s his favorite toy. Seriously, he can smell it outside when he’s standing inside. You’ve got to get one, they’re just the best.

The Ruffwear Dirtbag Seat Cover384507_2

Okay, this one is more for me, but it’s still dog related. I’ve tried a few different seat covers and they end up just getting in the way. This one, however, I’ve field tested and it works pretty well. They’re all going to have their faults but I like this one because it fits the car really well (rather than just some generic throw cover). Plus, it’s waterproof, packable and it’s got a couple pockets to zip leashes and whatnot into. It’s an upgrade from my current horse blanket and hopefully it will stop my seats from smelling.

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