Engineered for durable gear protection wherever you choose to travel

SportTube designs their cases to be strong and durable while remaining incredibly lightweight. All cases are blow molded out of High-Density Polyethylene and constructed to protect your ski gear whether it’s being tossed around by TSA or being shipped from point A to B by carriers like FedEx or UPS – SportTube guarantees your gear will get there in one piece.

Here are a couple of our favorite products from SportTube:

Series 1 SportTube

The Series 1 Ski Case is the smallest, lightest case that SportTube makes for one person.

The Series 1 can fit one pair of alpine skis and poles up to 165mm (at their widest point) or two pairs of skate or cross-country skis, two pairs of poles and whatever else you can cram in there.

For interior protection SportTube pads both the tip and tail of the case with a durable foam, while its telescopic design ensures your gear stays secure when locked with the Wire Case Pin or TSA Approved Travel Lock.

Series 2 SportTube

If the Series 1 isn’t quite roomy enough for your gear, take a gander at the Series 2 SportTube.

A step-up from the Series 1, this case holds two pairs of alpine skis and poles with a combined width of 280 mm, or four pairs of skate or cross-country skis and two pairs of poles and once again, whatever else you can fit!

With the same interior protection as the Series 1, you can rest assured your gear will stay protected.

Will my skis fit?

Yes they will! Back in 2006 SportTube redesigned all of their cases, and increased the size to accommodate all ski models and binding types.

SportTube put the Series 1 Ski Case to test at their headquarters and found that they were able to fit a twin tip, full rocker pair of skis that were 160 mm (widest point), ensuring that as long as you’re skis are mounted with alpine bindings you’re in the clear.

If you happen to have riser or demo bindings mounted on your skis you’ll want to make sure you’re skis are 140 mm or less at their widest point for the correct fit.

Why SportTube?

  • Hard Plastic Shell: A hard plastic shell construction offers superior protection over soft ski bags. The Hard shell creates a barrier shield around your gear, and unlike a soft bag it doesn’t risk rips and tears that may harm your ski gear. Keep in mind some airlines will ONLY take liability on gear packed in a hard case.
  • Wheels: All SportTube cases feature wheels, making it easy to get your gear from place to place (we all know lugging bags around the airport is a pain). All SportTube wheels are constructed out of molded rubber and fitted with steel bearings.
  • Ergonomics: Every case is ergonomically designed with the handle located in a comfortable position for improved mobility and the optional shoulder strap can be re-positioned for maximum comfort and hands-free transporting; it can also be detached for shipping and check-in.
  • Versatility: Your case can carry more than just skis and snowboards. These cases can also carry fishing rods, kayak paddles, spear guns and more.
  • Warranty: All cases come with a 5 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Let’s recap

The Series 1 and 2 Ski Cases are your best bet when traveling by air or shipping your skis, and are versatile enough to be used for carrying more than just snow sport gear. Their ergonomic design and lightweight construction make the SportTube Series 1 and 2 Ski Cases easy to transport.

And let’s not forget, they offer a 5 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects, so you can travel whenever, wherever 100% worry free.

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