An Ocean of Possibilities: OluKai believes that everybody, no matter where they are, can live aloha!

With a different approach to footwear, OluKai wanted to create a combination of durability for the waterman, ocean lifestyle, and a brand that has values and roots that offer style, comfort and impeccable craftsmanship.


OluKai views their work today as part of a vision, or a path which began with their ancestors who passed down stories, value and spirit. They believe that sustainability and positive living is more about your everyday choices, your actions and inspiring those of others.


Before OluKai as a brand became profitable, they always believed in giving back – because that is a part of their core values. OluKai’s Aloha is about the action of giving and not the expectation of receiving.


Every product that OluKai produces, they stand behind. They believe in the quality of product – this means from the material, to the construction OluKai is there every step of the way.


Over the years OluKai has partnered with and founded several different organizations to help protect the world they love, by sustainably producing products that everyone can feel good about wearing.

Ama OluKai Foundation:

Founded in 2014, the Ama OluKai Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that is located in the state of Hawaii, and partners with other committed and progressive organizations that believe in the preservation of Hawaiian culture, and holds high honor to those cultivating cultural heritage and “the Aloha spirit of Hawaii”.

The Ama OluKai Foundation works hard with other Hawaiian based organizations to help preserve land and ocean, serve communities and help maintain Hawaiian traditions and culture. They have designed targeted programs to explore ancestral past to the present and provide encouragement to those who benefit from the partnerships to help carry forward for future generations.

For more information on The Ama OluKai Foundation, click here.

Certified B-Corporation:

To become a Certified B-Corporation, OluKai had to meet higher standards of social and environmental performance and accountability. Since becoming a Certified B-Corporation, OluKai has continued to increase their B-Corporation score by implementing new processes and procedures, while also reinforcing their current sustainable business practices.

These are the areas where OluKai makes the most impact:

1. Community: OluKai assessed their relationship with local communities – including community service and charitable giving, diversity and relationships with their business partners.
2. Environment: OluKai is evaluated on their environmental performance through energy usage facilities (including manufacturing), materials and other resources. OluKai uses only Gold Certified tanneries to source their leather ensuring they minimize waste water and use of water based cements, reducing hazardous substances and building quality product that last longer to reduce their carbon footprint.
3. Workforce: OluKai is measured on their relationship with their workforce. Including company culture, compensation, employee benefits, training and work environment.

For more information on OluKai and B-Corporation, click here.

The Conservation Alliance:

As a part of The Conservation Alliance, OluKai teams up with others that are interested in a common cause to protect wild places for their habitat and recreational values. They work to be a catalyst and direct their collective nature to seek out grassroots conservation plants.

For more information on The Conservation Alliance, click here.

Design Philosophy:

Every product produced by OluKai is designed to offer style, durability and comfort – from heel-to-toe. Paying close attention to every element from custom-made lasts to anatomical footbeds, allows every OluKai to offer a superior fit.

Every shoe or sandal is crafted with premium materials that are carefully selected to provide durable, next to skin comfort. Their hand crafted details honor island culture with authentic Hawaiian artwork.

Fit by Nature, Crafted by Hand:


OluKai lives by the Wet Sand Principle – where one step inspired it all. A bare foot slowly sinks into wet sand, and all at once it cups the heel and fills each arch perfectly. Inspired by the feeling of bare feet in sand, OluKai builds their footwear with anatomically contoured footbeds to offer the perfect combination of comfort and support.

Every product OluKai makes features one of these contoured footbeds. From their water-friendly sandals, to beach town slip-on’s – OluKai designs their footwear to provide unparalleled comfort.

1. The Heel: The OluKai heel cup is designed to minimize side-to-side movement by cradling the foot and providing stability and shock absorption.
2. The Arch: OluKai’s anatomical arch offers comfort and support during extended wear.
3. The Toe: A generous toe-box allows your toes to spread and your feet to move naturally.

Style is in the Details:

Using the highest quality materials, OluKai hand selects each textile for their high character and tactile qualities. Premium leathers are chosen in warm tones, organic textures and smooth finishes – while lining materials are designed for next-to-skin comfort during extended wear.

OluKai also offers water-friendly shoes that are made with synthetic materials for quick drying comfort, and their commitment to quality is also a commitment to the environment. They use recycled rubber in each outsole, and use environmentally conscious tanneries.

Product Guarantee:

By paying close attention to detail, OluKai offers top-of-the line materials that are carefully selected. And for your piece of mind, they back all of their footwear with a 1-year guarantee. Because behind every pair is a commitment to quality, by those who craft them for those who wear them.

Our OluKai Favorites:

Now that we’ve talked about OluKai as a brand, let’s get down and dirty with one of our favorite products from them. The Ohana Sandal for men and women.

These classic sandals will be your go-to choice for summer footwear. Their lightweight, quick-drying, breathable and durable materials are built to be in and around the water. Both men’s and women’s versions feature anatomical compression molded EVA midsoles with a soft ICEVA drop-in footbed for comfort and support.

The Ohana Sandals are also Vegan Friendly, meaning they are constructed using 100% high-quality synthetic materials, and 0% animal products. And OluKai’s thermoset rubber outsoles are a non-marking combination of natural and synthetic rubber – making them ideal for boating.

Now that you know just about everything there is to know about OluKai, we hope you’ll join the Ohana and enjoy the comfort and craftsmanship OluKai offers with every pair of shoes. To check out our entire OluKai line-up, please visit us at

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