Don’t lose your edge this summer with inline skate training.

The worst word you can use around a skier: the off-season. The summer months are a rough time for passionate skiers, with snow still months away from falling. With so much time away from the snow, it’s easy to fall out of shape and lose some of that hard-earned muscle memory you built up all winter. What’s a concrete-locked skier to do? Strap a pair of Rollerblades on your feet and Skate to Ski!

Rollerblades? Like from the ‘90s?

Yep, only less goofy looking. Inline skates have come a long way since then, and are now a very capable workout option. Skate to Ski is an initiative that promotes using inline skating as an off-season training tool for skiers. Rollerblade, the original and leading inline skate brand, is all aboard the Skate to Ski train, and that is why they are our brand of the month for April.

But first, a little history on Rollerblade

Rollerblade started in Minnesota in the ‘80s with two brothers who thought it would make for a great way to train for hockey in the summer. It’s only fitting that its training applications are now crossing over to skiing, as well. The ‘90s saw an explosion in the popularity of inline skating, and Rollerblades began to be used in a number of different capacities like hockey and racing. Skate to Ski is just the latest in a long list of ways you can enjoy Rollerblades.

Let’s hear more about this Skate to Ski

Skate to Ski was launched by Rollerblade in conjunction with the U.S. Ski Team to promote the use of inline skating in ski training. Research has shown that inline skating is a highly-effective training tool for skiers in the offseason. It is the closest skiers can come to matching the physical movements used while skiing on dry land.

Inline skating is the only activity you can make turns similar to how you would carve down a powdery piste. Only inline skating can provide you with the same muscle movements and balance training as skiing; not to mention it’s a pretty great cardio workout as well.

How is Rollerblade helping skiers train?

Rollerblade makes some of the best inline skates for ski training. Designed with skiers in mind, Rollerblade has created inline skates that support the needs of skiers who are skating to ski.

You can find Rollerblades with molded hard shells that are ideal for cross-training, such as the Maxxum 100, providing excellent support for more intense skating sessions. These shells more closely resemble a ski boot as opposed to some of the soft-upper fitness skates out there.

Larger wheel sizes also are helping skiers get better ski training on their Rollerblades. Back in the ‘90s, wheel sizes never really exceeded 80mm. Rollerblade now produces many skates with a wheel size of up to 110mm. Inline skates with wheel sizes of 90mm+ will require more power in each stride, building strength in the legs. These skates also help a skier’s balance, as they are more difficult to control and maneuver.

Rollerblades: Train like a ski pro

If you think inline skating training is just for novices, then you should think again. Rollerblades are being used by recreational skiers and pros alike as a way to stay conditioned in the off-season. These pros use Rollerblades as part of their training regimen, helping to hone the skills that make them so successful on the slopes. Take it from pro skier and member of the U.S. Ski team Tommy Biesemeyer:

Rollerblade is in fact a sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team, supplying their athletes with Rollerblades as a training tool. If Rollerblades are good enough for the athletes of Team USA, then they’ll definitely prove useful to any skier out there looking to improve their riding.

Off-season ski training anywhere, anytime

One of the best parts about inline skating? Unlike skiing, it’s quite easy to find places to skate locally. Just about anywhere there is concrete, you can inline skate. Sidewalks, parks, bike trails; all of these make for great training grounds on Rollerblades. Check out All Trails to find some cool trails near you to explore while you skate.

The summer is a coming, and we think that a pair of Rollerblades would give you the perfect warm-weather ski workout this off-season. Take advantage of your summer by grabbing yourself a pair of Rollerblades on our sister site, It’s got a selection of almost 60 different Rollerblade-brand inline skates for men, women and children, many of them perfect for your Skate to Ski training!

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