A Decade of Getting Greenhorns in the Game

Let’s face it: winter sports are an expensive passion. Buying skis alone will set you back a pretty penny, and then there’s jackets, gloves, helmets, goggles, and so much more to consider before you’re even able to hit the hills. Luckily for you, the cost-conscious consumer, there’s 5th Element, the preeminent value-driven action sports brand in the market today.

Value from the Beginning

It can be intimidating to enter the skiing world, what with its $1000 skis and the often-outrageous cost of boots, poles, and various other accessories. Then you must take into consideration quality; how sure can you be that the bargain-bin priced ski you got from your neighbor’s yard sale will hold up? For this reason, 5th Element was built around the idea of offering a low-cost, quality product that could be a conduit for those looking to get their foot in the door to the action sports world.

It all started ten years ago with the creation of their first product, a kid’s twin tip ski that quickly became the best value in that category, no small feat for a small upstart brand new to the market. Since then, 5th Element has branched out to all reaches of the action sports world, bringing that same value-driven mindset to inline skates, goggles, snowboard boots & bindings and much more. Their continuous conception of outdoor action gear that rules the activity but not your wallet has helped thousands of first-time skiers fall in love with the sport, introducing them to the priceless joys of the mountain life.

Behind the Name

Everyone knows the four main elements; fire, water, air and earth. But true winter-time junkies know that there is a fifth element, one that is the best of the bunch: snow!

The idea of snow being an element all its own was the basis for the brand’s name. With an unyielding passion for spending their days on the snow and outdoors, 5th Element seeks to share their experiences with the masses of people who want to start on the snow or skating but are shopping on a budget. A belief that everybody deserves an opportunity to spend as much time on the snow as possible is central to their mission.

So Much More Than Skis

While the company was founded with snow in mind, they have since ventured into products for land and sea, as well. Let’s take a look at the array of products that 5th Element offers:

Skis: Much like the very first twin tip skis that put them on the map, 5th Element kid’s skis perfectly straddle the line between cost-efficiency and serious ability. The 5th Element Green Machine Kids Skis are their latest and greatest creation, a soft-riding beginner ski that also gives your little one strong edge hold, all for a fraction of the price of some bigger name kids skis.

Inline Skates: A staple in the their selection for years now, 5th Element Inline Skates have become one of the brand’s biggest product offerings. They have a variety of men’s and women’s skates available, most designed for those just beginning to skate or who only want to use them for a nice leisurely stroll around the park. The 5th Element Panther XT Inline Skates and Lynx LX Womens Inline Skates are two of the most popular models available on the market.

Snowboard Boots and Bindings: Skis aren’t the only snow-shredding equipment that 5th Element makes gear for. Aside from the snowboard itself, boots and bindings are the next most important, and expensive, equipment for snowboarders. 5th Element Bindings and boots are forgiving and allow for an easy ride – perfect for men, women and children who are still getting acclimated to the sport. The 5th Element Stealth 3 Snowboard Bindings are widely recognized as a top binding for beginners and lesser-experienced boarders, as is its women’s counterpart the Layla Snowboard Bindings.

Goggles and Gloves: Both goggles and gloves are necessities for a successful day on the hill, but beginners can do without the ultra-advanced features that come with many of the higher-priced options out there. The 5th Element Stealth M Gloves are a no-frills solution to freezing winter hands, as they come packed with 160 grams of insulation and have touchscreen capable fingers. Similarly, the Stealth M Goggles are an affordable option that has easy-to-change lenses and will help you see in tough conditions like fog or low light.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard: Didn’t see that one coming, did you? That’s right, 5th Element even has its own inflatable standup paddleboard, the KekoKai 11’ SUP. You can now make your way onto another one of the elements, water, with a cost and convenience unmatched in watersports.

Kid Approved

While most of the products talked about so far have been for men and women, 5th Element makes products that the whole family can enjoy, still being among the leading brands for kids ski, snowboard and skate gear too. Buying ski or snowboard gear for kids is a notoriously dicey proposition; because they are constantly growing, you don’t want to buy an expensive ski that they’ll grow out of in one season, but you also don’t want to let your son or daughter ride on something cheap that will hinder their learning. 5th Element finds itself at this intersection of price and performance, trustworthy enough you won’t need to worry about your little one but inexpensive enough that if you need to size up the year after it won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

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