Winter apparel designed for today’s active woman, whose sense of style and performance is uncompromising.

During a vacation to Newport Beach, California by NILS Founder Nils Anderson, it was a trip to a local ski shop that led to the creation of one of the world’s favorite women’s ski wear brand.

At this ski shop, Anderson met an employee named Nancy, who would soon become his wife and –product merchandiser. This is what caused him to move to Newport Beach. Once living in Cali, Anderson began designing men’s ski shells for an area ski shop before eventually moving on to the creation of his own brand after recognizing the need for high-quality, fashion-driven women’s ski wear.

How it all began

The beginning of the world’s foremost ski wear brand for women may have started during that vacation to Newport Beach – but it had been brewing about much longer than that. Nils Anderson had been a lifelong skiing enthusiast, being introduced to cross-country skiing in his home country of Sweden at the age of four and alpine skiing at the age of ten. Combined with his interest in design and pattern making that he discovered while in school at the German Textile Academy in Munich, the NILS ski wear brand was a merging of passions for Anderson.

The NILS brand had an immediate positive response, thus allowing the collection to be expanded and introduced at the Ski Industries of America Trade Show. While this was brewing, so was the company with the expansion of the NILS management team. Ski wear vets like Dick (Now President of NILS) and Toni Leffler were added to the team as the Director of Marketing and the Head of Design and Merchandising.

Ski wear innovation

NILS was leader in innovation of women’s ski wear by being one of the first companies to incorporate GORE-TEX into their products. They were also able to dominate the stretch ski suit market with their high-waisted, stretch bottom suit. Over the course of the next decade, NILS’ reputation grew as their ski wear collection expanded to include sweaters, fleece, resort wear and petite sizing. The NILS layering system along with its waterproof, breathable outwear is consistently regarded as the most complete collections for women in the ski industry today.

The bedrock that NILS is built on is providing high-quality, fashion-driven women’s ski wear that is designed for the active woman who wants her clothes to perform as well as they look. NILS is known for having the best fitting ski wear in the business, and their ski pants are especially popular. Women will recognize NILS at mountains and resorts across the country for their superior styling and keen fashion sense.

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