That’s a drone crashing just behind Marcel Hirscher just now in a World Cup night slalom in Italy.

Twitter is popping as a drone just crashed during a live World Cup Slalom event in Italy. Twitter user @ncaccardi posted an initial photo. Live footage recorded by user @PerezCanales shows just how close professional skier Marcel Hirscher came from being injured by the malfunction. The event happened just weeks after ski resorts started banning the use of drones to prevent events just like this. The FAA has also just recently issued a statement on proper use and safe handling for drone pilots.


Drone use is becoming one of the hottest new trends in the world of digital media and personal enjoyment. There’s no doubt that they have a future in sports and leisure activities, but with limited air space and a potentially unlimited amount of machines, accidents are bound to happen. What do you feel about drone use at races or for personal use on the ski hill? Post your responses in the comments below. 

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