Snap and share your best ski photos for a chance to win.

For those of us who #LIVE2SKI, the mountain isn’t just a playground, it’s a home. There a million things to love about skiing, and we want you to show us how YOU enjoy the world’s best sport.

#LIVE2SKIGot pics of you covered deep in some pow? How about chilling at the peak, ready to take on the mountain? Or maybe just kicking back at the lodge with your buds? Whatever it is about skiing that you live for the most, show it to the world for your chance to win some awesome prizes.

All you have to do to enter is share your picture on Instagram with “#LIVE2SKI” in the caption. Then go to our contest page, find your photo and click vote! If you see some other awesome photos you dig, you can vote for them as well. There is no limit to the number of photos you can vote for.

How to enter:
1. Find or take a photo of you showing why you live to ski.
2. Share it on your Instagram with the “#LIVE2SKI” in the caption.
3. Share the contest page link so all your friends and family can vote for your photo!

#LIVE2SKIWhichever photo has the most votes from customers will win the Grand Prize. And what is the Grand Prize, you ask? Oh, just a pair of Faction Nine5 Skis. That’s right: you can win a bomb pair of skis just for taking a sweet ski photo and posting it online (as if you weren’t going to already). The Faction Nine5 skis (a $839 value) are an awesome all-mountain option for advanced skiers who like power and stability in their skis when they’re pushing it hard. Show the world how you #LIVE2SKI and win a pair of these bad boys; seems like a pretty good deal, huh? Even if you don’t take the top spot, runner up will get a $100 gift card (a solid consolation if you ask me).

Need some help coming up with a winner-worthy photo idea? Here are some tips on how to take a great ski photo:

Beware of lighting

It’s a major bummer when you think you’ve got the perfect photo only to look and see it was ruined by glare. Always shoot with the sun to your back; this will help illuminate your subject, as well.

Action shots are best

#LIVE2SKIThink of your favorite ski photos. Chances are you’re not thinking of a stereotypical picture of some skiers posed on a hill. Not every photo has to be of someone getting massive airtime, but posed photos don’t grab the attention the way a live action shot does.

Seek balance

Some of the most visually appealing photos are those that strike a balance, whether that be in terms of action, colors or scenery. Try playing around with elements like the positioning of your subject or different filters to create a contrast that is interesting.

Be creative

Most importantly, use your imagination! One of the best aspects of skiing is the creativity to ski where and how you like. Use that mindset to help you create some totally unique photos.

Use these tips to help show how you #LIVE2SKI. Remember that you can take and enter as many photos as you want, so get out there and have some fun with it. We look forward to seeing your best #LIVE2SKI photos!

Visit the #LIVE2SKI Contest Page here.

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