With the holidays rapidly approaching, my head is usually spinning around this time of year. Last week though, you could say it was spinning a bit more than usual. That’s because I was volunteered to help model ski and snowboard pants for 360 spin. What is 360 spin you ask? 360 spin is a feature on Skis.com which allows you to view and zoom in on a product from all angles. It’s great for showing technology or graphic hits that are usually not seen when viewing a standard product shot, and in the case of pants if shows the true fit of a pant much more accurately.

How do we do it? The process may seem simple, but different products create different issues. Our photo team has to adapt to different issues such as jackets moving as they spin, skis standing on their own, and their favorite, goggles reflecting EVERYTHING. Even in the case of pants, they must first find models that fit into sample sizes, and then adapt their 360 stand to handle different weights. Then there’s the models themselves. You wouldn’t know it from the shots, but we are balancing on blocks on an elevated platform in ski boots! Then it’s spin a few degrees, flash, spin a few degrees, flash and so on until 12 shots are taken. The number of shots varies per product, but as you can see, it really gives you the perfect view at any angle.


After trying on about 50 pants, I realized just how differently they can all fit and how many details on the pants get hidden by normal product photography. Sure, a pant may fit you differently than it fits the model, but having consistent shots across brands can really show the differences in the shapes of the pants. More interested in gear than clothing? Check out how easy 360 spin makes it to shop some of the products like bindings or boots. Here are a few of my favorites…

Snowboard Bindings – Maybe I’m just a tech dork, but I think spinning bindings is one of the coolest things we do. There’s so much tech on a binding and yet it’s hidden half the time with normal product shots!

Ski and Snowboard Pants – Surprised to find that the pants you ordered online have a giant emblem on the back pocket? Now there are absolutely no more surprises.

Ski Boots – How much does the calf adjust on that new pair of ski boots? Now you can investigate every detail.


Happy spinning!

Article Name
Covering Every Angle: 360 Spin on Ski Pants
Jenna Explains 360 Spin and how it is able to show you every angle of a product

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  1. Courtney
    March 4, 2015 at 1:31 pm (8 years ago)

    Wow! I feel like saying thank you isn’t enough for the amount of work you put into getting those pictures. 360 Spin is great for seeing all the details.


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