Sleeveless Seasonality from One of the World’s Most Respected Winter Wear Brands.

As the seasons change, typically your wardrobe does too, but with the Canada Goose Men’s Freestyle Crew Vest you can defy seasonal conventions. The Freestyle Crew Vest packs high-functioning design with almost limitless possibilities when it comes to how and when you wear it; making it one of those do-anything pieces that’ll have you looking forward to colder weather.

Finding an upper body piece to keep the torso warm while having the versatility to work in fall or winter can be tough, but the Freestyle Crew Vest allows you to transition seamlessly from season to season, adjusting your complimentary clothes to create an outfit that will suit whatever the weather is looking like. Let’s check out how the Freestyle Vest stacks up in several important categories:


The Freestyle Crew Vest rates as a TEI1 on Canada Goose’s Thermal Experience Index, meaning it is perfect for temperatures as low as 25°F.  The Freestyle Crew Vests insulation comes in the form of 625-fill power white duck down. The down feathers interlock to trap warm air and body heat to hold as much warmth in as possible. Just because it’s warm, doesn’t mean that it has to be thick and heavy. The Freestyle uses the down insulation as efficiently as possible, so the jacket doesn’t feel bulky making it easy for layering. While it is designed with the sweet spot of 25-40°F in mind, depending on how you mix and match it, the vest can be effectively used in any conditions from September to April.


While not ideal for heavy rainfall or protection from snow, the Freestyle is able to handle a light fall rain no problem. Making use of a Durable Water Repellant fabric, the Freestyle has a 5,000mm water-resistance threshold, keeping you safe from those unexpected rain showers. When wearing it as a second layer under your ski jacket, it gives one extra line of defense against seeping snow and water.


Not puffy or intrusive, this vest is sleek and agile so it doesn’t hinder movement. The Men’s Freestyle Vest has a slimmer overall fit on the body; this allows for more comfortable layering, more efficient warmth retention and a more composed-looking style to boot.

Look & Style:

The vibe you get from the Men’s Freestyle Crew Vest can be defined as “swanky-sporty”. It has a first-class construction and simple elegance that isn’t overly ostentatious. Casual and classic, the Freestyle is just as at home being semi-formal wear as it is being a lodge lounger.

Outfit Compatibility:

This is where the Men’s Freestyle Crew Vest really shines. Full of possibility and versatility, the Freestyle mimics the seasons, letting you adapt its style and purpose to the changing environment around you. This vest can be the heart of every outfit you wear during the fall and winter seasons; start with the vest and mix and match complimentary pieces to achieve a get-up that is suitable for the weather and occasion. The vests neutral colors also match well with anything in your closet. Wear it with a long sleeve shirt under it for when you need to cover your arms, or throw a jacket over it if you are going to be hitting the ski hill. The Freestyle looks great with a pair of jeans and boots for an invigorating hike in the cool Fall air.

When to Wear:

Just about anytime from the beginning of fall to the last days of winter and into the beginning of the spring season. The Freestyle Crew Vest is perfect for all your fun fall activities; wear it on a hike, hayride, date night or just to keep toasty next to the fire. Come winter time, it is warm enough to sport for winter wandering or nights at the ice rink. A great layering piece while skiing, you can afterwards throw off your ski jacket and be ready to hit the bars or cozy up in the lodge.

Additional Features:

The Freestyle is well-equipped with features that are both functional and luxurious. The center front closure has a YKK 2-way locking zipper that is durable enough for daily wear and that will prevent water from leaking inside. Then snap the storm flap over the zipper for extra protection and to hide the zipper for a more refined look. On the front of the vest, you’ve got two triple-function pockets for convenient carrying of your phone and other valuables, with two handwarmer pockets that are fleece-lined for cozy comfort.

Canada Goose’s Background:

Canada Goose is one of the world’s leading makers of luxury apparel. Around since the 1950’s, Canada Goose is known for their down-filled gear that is designed to handle the toughest of cold weather climates. Their products have been worn by those who venture to the edges of the earth for decades, from the bottom of the Arctic Circle to the tip top of Everest. Canada Goose is the go-to brand for everyone from professional mushers and climbers to Guinness World Record holders, Arctic scientists to film makers who need to shoot in the harshest places on Earth. With all their products 100% made in Canada, the Canada Goose brand is dedicated to transparency and excellence in their manufacturing, using only the highest-of-quality, ethically-sourced Canadian down insulation.

The Freestyle Crew Vest from the venerated Canada Goose checks all the boxes: warmth, versatility, quality and good taste. Quality cold weather gear can be expensive, so grab yourself a jack-of-all-trades piece that can be the foundation of your style year in and year out. For a full selection of Canada Goose, visit

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