11218918_453015408217114_8344322973867201428_nOne of our newest summer brands deserves a little shoutout. Craghoppers, an outdoor and travel apparel brand with over 50 years in the business, is one of my favorite new vendors this year. I first heard about Craghoppers a couple years back from a friend in the climbing community. They designed a pair of pants specifically engineered for durable mountain travel that hit the climbing and mountaineering world like a hurricane. The CMJ353-CU pants debuted and were almost immediately picked up by Bear Grylls and are now called the Bear Survivor Pants. Now, personally I’m not a huge fan of Bear Grills, but that doesn’t change my opinion on the CMJ pants. I digress.

2ndImage_570x384pxCraghoppers has made their name creating travel and exploration based clothing designed for all aspects of adventure. These are your go anywhere, do anything pieces. Whether you’re packing a carryon for 8 months around the world or gearing up for a 2 week trek through Nepal, Craghoppers is the brand you want to be sporting. They’ve found a way to merge the high-end performance of the outdoors with the high function and organization of travel to create a stylish yet powerful line of clothing.

3rdImage_570x384pxFor me, it’s the small tech things that make the difference, things that other brands aren’t necessarily doing that makes them unique. It’s adding an RFID protective pocket to a waterproof outer shell to create a piece that you wear in the amazon jungle without having to worry about your credit card being hacked in the airport on the way there. It’s adding waterproofing, windproofing, solar protection and insect protection to the same pair of pants to give you versatility in use. They’re moving above and beyond the sport specific clothing and creating something you can wear, day in and day out for as long as it takes to get where you’re going. Check them out. If you’re getting ready to head out on a trip, no matter where you’re going, you’ll be impressed with their line of clothing.

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