Our world is certainly vast. Between the mountainous landscapes, sandy ocean sides and thick forests, there is an abundant amount of land to explore. Season to season, the weather shifts, bringing fresh vegetation or a blanket of snow. But regardless of the season, humans have definitely learned how to have fun in any condition. Although skiing first emerged as a practical means in the 1800s, it slowly evolved as a recreational activity. It wasn’t until 1965 that the first snowboards were being sold. A man by the name of Sherman Poppen from Muskegon, Michigan created “The Snuffer” to emulate the idea of surfing, except on snow. Since then, snowboarding has exploded in popularity, sparking passion and pleasure in individuals across the world. With so many rich landscapes to traverse on foot, ski and snowboard resorts quickly grew in numbers. So as we get closer to the prime of snowboarding season, we wanted to highlight some of the best places to snowboard in the world. Whether you live near one, travel often, or simply wish to dream, explore our top picks for shredding epic terrain.

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada

Best Places to Snowboard
Whistler Blackcomb

The most appealing quality about Whistler Blackcomb is that it offers something for everyone. If it sounds familiar, you may remember this resort from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. An impressive two mountains no doubt, you can explore over 8000 acres of terrain across 37 different lifts. About 50% of runs fall in the intermediate category, with the rest enjoyable by beginner and advanced riders. And for the park junkies out there, this resort is a must-see. There’s nothing not to love when you visit Whistler Blackcomb Resort.

Breckenridge, Colorado, United States

Best Places to Snowboard

With a long-standing history with snowboarding, Breckenridge has deep roots in the emergence of the sport. There’s a 22 foot half-pipe, 5 terrain parks and peaks fit for all skill levels, offering something for everyone. The mountain reaches 12,840 feet in elevation, has 34 lifts and 187 trails. Since its opening in 1961, this mountain has not only grown with the uprising of snowboarding, but also grown to be one of the top resorts in the world!

Davos Klosters, Switzerland

Best Places to Snowboard
Davos Klosters

With 5 different mountains to choose from, you can never get bored at Davos Klosters. Steady snowfall promises deep powder all season long across 200 miles of terrain for all skill levels. Come here for amazing freeriding and freestyle snowboarding, and you won’t be disappointed. The town of Davos also offers everything you need on your trip, with convenient transportation between each mountain. If you live in Europe, or ever think about venturing out, this is the place to be!

Tignes, France

Best Places to Snowboard

A popular place for snowboarders alike, Tignes has slopes close to the sun, and we all know what that means… You can find shred endless amounts of powder! The mountain has 180 miles of terrain and you can plan your visit almost anytime of the year, aside from a few months reserved for preservation of glacial snow. Additionally, the Winter Olympics were hosted here for freestyle skiing in 1992. Another great resort for boarders of any skill level!

Mammoth Mountain, California, United States

Best Places to Snowboard
Mammoth Mountain

The last place worthy enough to make it on this list is the infamous Mammoth Mountain in California.  It’s home to 3,500 acres, 9 parks and 1 superpipe. To say this mountain is a blast is an understatement. The resort itself happens to sit on a volcano that still emits gaseous fumes from time to time. And because of California’s sunshine, you can enjoy a long season from November to June. Expect some serious pow here and have the ride of your life!

The most important thing to remember while visiting any of the mountains listed above and all others across the world is the importance of safety while out on the slopes. Learn about avalanche safety, and be educated before you plan your trip. Investing in an avalanche safety course and safety equipment is an absolute must before you visit any big mountain! Stay safe and happy riding!

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avalanche safety, and be educated before you plan your trip. Investing in an avalanche safety course and safety equipment is an absolute must before you visit any big mountain! Stay safe and happy riding!

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