Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a photo shoot? In 2016 we decided to launch our first SKIS.com LookBook.  We thought it was an awesome way to showcase our favorite products for the season, and we had a blast doing it. In fact, we had so much fun we decided to make a video just for you to check out what it took to get our 2017 Spring and Summer LookBooks completed.

The LookBook would never have been possible without our amazing team.  Devin our Studio Photographer worked hard to make sure every photo turned out perfect; from lighting to editing she was on point the entire time. Our Stylist Brooke picked out the hottest styles from the best brands to dress our models; from swimwear to accessories everything was perfect.  Jami, our Director made sure the LookBook project went smoothly from start to finish. Whether she was pulling the product from stores or directing in the studio she ensured the team operated together like a well-oiled machine.  Dave, the Studio Manager helped stage and steam all the clothing so that it could roll off the racks and on to the models in an organized fashion, while Kate our Studio Assistant took all the product information and made sure it matched what the models were wearing from frame-to-frame. Alex our Make-Up Artist got our models camera ready so they looked pretty and perfect in every frame, and Pat our Videographer had the cameras rolling the entire time, making this entire video a reality.  From start to finish Pat caught every single moment; from styling to shooting to having fun. He captured everything on camera perfectly, allowing you to step inside the studio with us for a few minutes.  Last but not least, we can’t forget Roscoe our four-legged furry friend who spent just as much time on his paws (and taking naps under the accessory table) as we did.

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