Ninja-Suit-Main-Blog-PicI don’t believe I ever wore “footy” pajamas as a kid, and the idea of a one piece has always really weirded me out. But I must say, my eyes have been recently drawn to the Air Blaster Ninja Suit. A one piece base layer, the Ninja Suit does exactly what the name suggests, makes you a ninja. Personally, I was a little apprehensive at first. Would it feel weird? Would it be a pain to go to the bathroom? Would I feel claustrophobic and panic tearing said Ninja Suit into shreds? Well, I got one, wore it and here are the 5 reasons I think everyone should have an Air Blaster Ninja Suit.

  1. Comfort and ease – Putting on a Ninja Suit is pretty simple. You unzip it, step in, pull it up and you’re good to go. No more fussing with your top bunching up, or your pants falling down, the suit stays put. Thumb holes even keep the sleeves from bunching when you throw on your jacket or other layers. Get home after a long day of riding, throw the rest of your stuff off and the suit makes for comfortable loungewear.
  2. Warmth – The warmth factor is pretty simple. If you have no gap between your top and bottoms, you won’t get that unwanted breeze. Everyone hates when they bend over and have that gap between their jacket and pants. With the Ninja Suit, plumbers butt is impossible. You get full coverage all the time, while keeping warmth in and cool air out. When I know it’s going to be extra chilly out, I always make sure I have mine.
  3. There are options – There are actually some options as to what kind of Ninja Suit you get. All of them are made by Air Blaster, you’re able to get it with or without a hood, and in different thicknesses. Some feel a hood is what truly makes them a ninja, while others don’t want anything additional to bunch up under their jacket. Some find the idea of a Merino wool suit to be too warm, while others want all the added warmth and comfort they can get. It’s your choice what type of ninja you want to be.
  4. Easy access for the bathroom – This was one of my first concerns, but a 360 zipper makes trips to the bathroom easy. If anything, it’s easier than wearing a normal base layer top and bottom.  Everyone knows how annoying it is to get everything resituated after a trip to the loo, but with the Ninja Suit a simple zip puts everything back in place. Just remember, they come in both women’s and men’s for a reason…
  5. Hawaiian-Ninja-Suit-Close-UFUN – Lastly, they’re just fun.  They come in all different prints and colors and throwing one on makes you feel like a kid again. They’re funny to wear around the house before a day of riding and super comfortable to keep on after. They’re totally functional and make your old base layers seem boring. Whether it’s a flower print, camo or just plain black, your ninja suit adds a little fun to your layering.


So try giving one a shot. They might seem pricey to start, but remember you’re getting both a top and bottom so the price is no more than a good quality normal base layer set will cost you in the end. However, a normal base layer set can’t make you a ninja now can it?

2 Comments on Becoming a Ninja with a little help from Air Blaster

  1. Ian
    March 14, 2014 at 11:06 am (9 years ago)

    This is by far the best piece of layering clothing i have ever worn. Keeps you nice and warm whether on the hill or shoveling your driveway in freezing temperatures. Will forever be a ninja!

  2. Druzilla
    March 14, 2014 at 1:29 pm (9 years ago)

    They need to make them in bigger sizes, I want to be a ninja too! I’d sneak up on people on the slopes!


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