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Welcome to the Skis.com Blog, a place for skiers by skiers. The slopes are where we feel most at home, and the first snowfall of the year still makes us giddy. Skis.com is filled to the brim with people who are not only obsessed with skiing and snowboarding, but also have a wealth of knowledge and experience about these sports and the industry. We have picked a few of our most knowledgeable people to share what we know with you by offering advice, answers, updates and more. So check back regularly for news, information and everything you need to know about the skiing and the snowboarding world!

Skis.com is a retailer that has been in the ski industry since 1990. Our company owns and operates a number of retail stores and we have been using the Internet as an extension of our retail shops since 1997, with Skis.com launching in 2005 and continually growing ever since.

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