It’s not often that I get rewarded for taking additional runs. In fact, the majority of times at the end of the day I’m negotiating with family and friends to take “just one more run”. That’s why when we were contacted to participate in an event called “Laps for Life” benefiting the American Cancer Society, I jumped at the chance, and so did 9 other employees. Here’s how it went!

Laps for Life 2

The event took place at Schuss Mountain in Northern Michigan and the concept was simple, think “Relay for Life” except on a ski hill. Participants were asked to get pledges per run and flat donations were welcome as well. It was focused around one chairlift, and at the bottom every lap was counted by a group of volunteers ringing cowbells and cheering us on. A large sheet hung behind them showing each rider how many laps they had hit and of course allowing competitive nature to take place. Some took it seriously, stopping for nothing and bombing each run to achieve the maximum count, while others wore costumes, stopped for lunch and just enjoyed the atmosphere. With a variety of runs serviced by the lift, all skill levels could participate, and relaxed runs down the long winding green were just as applauded as those lightning quick shots down the black run below the lift.

Laps for Life 3

As the hours wore on, the quickly conditions deteriorated. The previous week of warm weather which was masked by the cooler temperatures in the morning was starting to show, and the terrain that had seen 30+ laps from each of the participants were really starting to feel it. Effortless early runs over hard packed became grueling bumpy runs with a snow cone consistency. Even the slower green runs were sure to burn your legs out and almost more so than some of the steeper runs. While some gave up turning all together, attempting to carve their own “highway”, others decided to call it quits, perfectly satisfied with a day that had already seen far more runs than the average.

Laps for Life 4

6 hours later we gathered to celebrate the exhausting day. While most of us were thrilled with hitting 40-50 laps, our ski buyer Thom was bummed to have missed getting the “Most Laps” only losing by 1. He hit 75, a feat which was still pretty impressive. As a snowboarder, I was thrilled to have hit 50, but had an even better time riding with my sister and dad who also participated. As a group, we raised over $3,600, and the event itself raised over $6,000. All donations went to helping support research, prevention, education and ending the disease for good. It’s a great cause and we were thrilled to be a part of it. Next year we hope we can even bigger and a special thanks to Steve and the rest of the staff at Shanty Creek Resorts for making it possible!

Laps for Life

If you would like to donate to the American Cancer Society, Click Here.

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