This is snow porn at its finest and a must follow on Instagram. Alpine vistas and steep AK spins – these are the shots that make your mind wander. A master of his trade, Will Wissman captures the essence of skiing with deep powder turns and places that are worthy of any skiers bucket list. What captures me most are his artistic shots of far away black and white mountain ranges, playing with light and the fragile ever changing relationship between the skier and the mountain. Truly captivating.image1-3


Who is Jerry? And why is he on Instagram? We have all seen a Jerry in one lift line or another. In definition a Jerry is, “an individual who exhibits a true lack of understanding for their sport”. Jerry of the day brings to life the experience of the Jerry, from upside down fanny pack wearing classics to cringe worthy crash reels. But the true genius of this account lies in the captions. The witty one liners are sure to bring a few good laughs.image2-2


With a pulse on the ski industry, discrete is fresh and inspiring. With a healthy mix of big cliffs, motivational imagery and the mantra #pushpeaks this account is the up and coming. Discrete is building a community of mountain people, not just pushing a brand – making it a standout on Instagram.image3


Professional photographer Liam Doran is an action sports charger, catching the shots that make you want to run out the door and chase your own adventure. He captures hard crushing close-ups and the outdoor sports industry at its finest.image4


Bend, Oregon based photographer Tyler Roemer is a true artist, and this is reflected in every piece he releases. His work is raw and refreshed. In a world of over processed imagery I feel his work is authentic and inspiring. An Instagram must follow.image5


TGR babe Angel Collision is a rockstar on and off snow, recently winning Powder Magazine’s prestigious ‘Line of the Year’ award. Her account follows her career as a hard charging professional skier, but is infused with a comical spark.image6


This mountain maven has the most amazing artwork, infused with color and passion. I love seeing her stream of wildly colored mountains and vibrant designs. She brings to life the mountain experience and projects the energy I feel skiing onto the canvas.image7


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