When you think about skiing, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the feeling you get while out on the slopes. Those moments to yourself in complete silence, surrounded by fresh, white powder are amazing. You experience feelings of serenity, energy and euphoria. That’s why most of us do it. We crave the feeling it leaves us with every time… a chance to refresh and recharge. But do you ever think about how healthy this time you take for yourself is? Similar to stepping onto a yoga mat or sitting in meditation for an hour, skiing can benefit you in ways far beyond your awareness at the time. Ever wonder why you feel so incredible at the end of the day, or why your mood is brighter than when you first stepped foot on the mountain? You’re doing yourself more good than you imagine, and there’s a few important reasons why…

Skiing Gets You Outside

Heath Benefits of Skiing The first health benefit of skiing is that it gets you outside during the months of the year where you may be less inclined to. Let’s be honest, when the temperatures drop to low degrees, it’s not as easy to get outside and exercise. But skiing alleviates this problem every season, allowing your connection to the outdoors to grow and giving your mind a break from digital screens and the indoors.

Cardiovascular Health

Because of its aerobic nature, skiing is incredible for your cardiovascular health. Although it may not always feel like it because of how much fun you’re having, skiing is an insane workout. High altitudes and an elevated heart rate increase your blood circulation and build the strength of your lungs. Skip the gym this weekend and take a ski trip instead because skiing burns on average more than 400 calories per hour… and you won’t even realize it!

Full Body Workout

Health Benefits of SkiingSkiing is undeniably great for your heart and lungs, but what about other parts of your body? Well, you’re obviously working your leg muscles as you descend down the mountain. Ever feel a burning sensation while out on the slopes? Your crouched position sculpts every part of your legs, leaving you with strong thighs, hamstrings, quads and glutes. But one part of your body you may not realize is at work is your core. As you focus on staying balanced, drifting from side to side, your abs will tone and build incredible strength. Hello 2018 summer bod!

Prevents Injuries

We all want to stay healthy, and injury free. Skiing is an activity that will not only get you outside and workout your entire body, but it will also prevent injuries in the process, creating a strong foundation every year. Additionally, it will strengthen your knees and joints, preventing any potential damage. Skiing regularly will also prevent osteoporosis, but always remember to stretch beforehand!

Sleep Better

Health Benefits of SkiingFor all those insomniacs out there, I’m talking to you. Skiing is one of the best ways to improve your ability to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep. A full body workout will exhaust your muscles and relax your mind, allowing you to hit the sheets as soon as you get home. You’ll wake up the next day energized and stronger than the day before.

Improve Relationships

Skiing is a communal sport, great for trying with friends and family. Have a new friend you want to hangout with but not sure what to do? Skiing is the perfect choice to get you both outside and connect with nature, and each other. Bond over the shared experience you have and leave with an endorphin rush from the killer workout.

Healthier Diet

Health Benefits of Skiing As delicious as pizza is, I have to pass on it while I’m out on the slopes. I make sure to pack a nutritious meal for lunch, refueling my body with the vitamins and minerals I need for the rest of the day. Unhealthy foods with heavy carbs and a lot of sugar will weigh you down and decrease your energy. Skiing inadvertently forces you to eat healthier and drink more water because your body absolutely needs it.

Improve Mood

Spending time out in nature not only feels great, but has been proven to decrease stress, promote a positive mood and increase creativity. Recent studies continue to validate the benefits of our already innate attraction to nature. If you’re looking for a mental boost, spend the day skiing and you’ll forget all about the morning coffee you skipped that day.


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  1. Sariah Meagle
    January 24, 2019 at 2:50 am (4 years ago)

    I do agree that renting skiing gear gets me outside as you suggested which makes me feel fresh air again. If it’s good for my cardiovascular health as you mentioned, I’ll make sure that my heart stays healthy. Preventing injuries as you mentioned may not seem like a benefit it has but it does help with balance so it does still help as long as the equipment I rent is good.


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