Quick disclaimer here: I’m a snowboarder so these suggestions are slightly more geared towards snowboarders.  If you’re a skier and you’ve some suggestions of your own, please feel free to leave them below!

It’s always tough when the snow melts after an amazing season. This year was an especially tough one for me. It was long and rewarding, making it that much harder to put up my gear for the season. In fact, some resorts like A-Basin just stopped turning their lifts, meaning that now it’s truly and officially over. A final close on a season that was good to so many of us after two rough seasons of abnormal warmth and a lack of snowfall. It was beautiful, but now it’s gone, and as with any loss we must figure out how to go on. So how does one cope during these steamy snowless summer months? Here’s a few ways you can get by….

  1. Go longboarding
Loaded Tan Tien Flex 1 Complete Longboard
Loaded Tan Tien Flex 1 Complete Longboard

Being on a board of any form can do wonders for your withdrawal symptoms, but being on a board that you can actually carve on and mimic the feel of snowboarding is the next best thing. Plenty of people turn to skateboarding in the summer, but maybe hitting up the local park just isn’t your thing. If not, jump on a longboard and cruise the neighborhood. It’s fairly easy and great for your balance. Get on something super flexy and surfy and you’ll find that getting around town, cruising up to the store or just going for an evening ride got a little more exciting. Feeling lazy? Personally, I throw a harness on my husky and let her do the work. It’s great exercise for her, and she can get me going fast enough that I can actually get carving pretty well. It may not be snowboarding, but for a split second it can actually give you a similar feel. Check out one of my favorite longboards on our sister site SummitOnline.com.

  1. Hit the water
Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard
Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard

Just think of it as liquid snow. Sure it doesn’t have the views, sensations or exact feel of snowboarding, but wakeboarding, wake skating or wake surfing are at least all ways to still stay on a board. Hanging out on the boat with friends, and letting the sun drain the life out of you is one way to let those endless summer days pass by. If that’s not your bag, jump in a kayak or on a stand up paddle board. If you’re going to have to deal with the heat, you might as well find some way to cool down. Wateroutfitters.com has everything you need to hit the water this summer.

  1. Hit the woods
Big Agnes Lone Spring 2 Tent
Big Agnes Lone Spring 2 Tent

Society may be happy that it’s summer time, but you don’t have to be. Escape the world of tans, beach selfies and any other summer nonsense by hiding out in the woods. Hike, backpack, or even roll up with your RV, but just escape the hubbub of texts, tweets and Facebook for at least one night of your life. Camping may not have anything to do with snowboarding, but it will keep you active and clearing your mind will help you cope much better when you eventually have to return to reality. Not to mention, a good day of camping always ends with a good fire, and a campfire surrounded by friends is the perfect setting for reliving some of your best winter tales.  Take a look at CampGear.com for all things camping.

  1. Take up another activity

off season bikingLet’s be clear about something. This is not a replacement for your beloved winter activity, but rather another distraction to get you through the summer. Ride your bike, or play on your local beer league, just find something to keep your body active. Maybe you suck at team sports, and that’s the exact reason that an individual sport like snowboarding appeals to you. No worries, grab your bike instead. Do some mountain biking or just ride to the local beer store. Just do anything that keeps your body moving. Personally I’ve gone the hockey route. It’s a great workout, it’s a winter sport and at least I still get to breathe in cold air on a regular basis. Whatever you do, do not get too attached to it. Remember, come fall you can stop all these ridiculous activities and get ready to return to your real love.

  1. Or don’t cope at all…

Maybe you just can’t cope. There’s no shame in that, the season is over and it sucks. Summer can be fun, but nothing compares to that first run of the season or a morning of first tracks after huge snowstorm, or heck, even seeing that first snowflake of the year. It is what it is though, and without fail it happens every year. The snow melts and we are left feeling empty. For me, my only solace is knowing that staying active might actually improve my riding in some way for the next season. That and that there’s really only a few more months left to go before we start all over again.

How are you coping in the off season?

5 Ways to Cope During the Off Season
Article Name
5 Ways to Cope During the Off Season
The snow is gone and you have to wait many months before the snow flies again. Here are a few activities that will take your mind off of the snow until the chairs start spinning once again.

3 Comments on 5 Ways to Cope During the Off Season

  1. Susan Cnett
    August 1, 2014 at 11:09 am (8 years ago)

    You missed an important one: Learn to ride a Trikke.

    A trikke uses the same motion as downhill skiing but can be ridden on any paved surface. Level ground is easiest but with practice you can even go uphill.

  2. Dana
    August 2, 2014 at 6:13 pm (8 years ago)

    What about the Trikke? It’s my favorite off season activity!

  3. Jenna
    August 4, 2014 at 9:39 am (8 years ago)

    You are absolutely right! I apologize,as a snowboarder my suggestions were a bit more geared towards snowboarding. Please feel free to post any additional ideas!


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