If you’re a snowboarder and the movie Out Cold doesn’t ring a bell then you need to quit reading and go watch it right now. OK, now that those people are gone, can we just go over some reasons why Out Cold is the best snowboarding movie ever?

Reason #1 – Because everyone can relate to someone or something in the movie

Maybe you live in Bull Mountain, Alaska and your local mountain is being taken over by a uppity, sleazy businessman… ok I doubt you followed the plotline that closely but there are things in the movie that many snowboarders can relate to. But you probably can relate to your local mountain that you love but others seem to see it as a dump. Or the swanky bars at resorts not being your style.

The group of friends is something many young snowboarders can relate to. Whether it’s Pig Pen, Luke, Jenny, Anthony, or the hero Rick there is something for everyone with these characters. Although the stereotypes are a bit heavy, we can all point out some of these characteristics in many of our friends, like the idiot, the one-of-the-guys chick, and the mental case.

Reason #2 – Classic good vs evil storyline

Who doesn’t like a classic good vs evil story line in a movie? OK, tons of people probably. But in Out Cold it’s every snowboarders dream; you get the mountain locals vs the uppity businessman.

Many snowboarders have dreamed of defeating John Majors and have seen many of our favorite mountains turned into yuppie espresso drinking resorts. Or maybe it’s just that one jerk of a ski patroller who thinks he knows everything.

Reason #3 – Zach Galifianakis… Enough said

Thanks to Out Cold, many snowboarders knew of Zach Galifianakis before he became a well-known actor and comedian. Although not his first movie, Out Cold served as a great performance for Galifianakis and made many fans of his out of snowboarders that watched the film.

His character Luke gave the film some its best scenes whether it was the constant pranks when he would pass out first, the romantic Jacuzzi scene, or the back and forth with him and Pig Pen… all in all, his performance was golden. Bonus points if you watched the outtakes and noticed that many of Galifianakis’ lines were improvised.

Reason #4 – Epic ‘passed out’ pranks


I don’t know about you, but when Out Cold showed me that I could put a passed out friend into a car and convince them that they almost killed everyone, my life changed forever. Then again, turning someone into a human salt lick for a polar bear sounds like just as much fun to me.

These timeless and epic pranks are not only hilarious, but they really called out to snowboarders to step up to the plate when your friend passes out drunk. To go above and beyond to call of duty to draw on him or maybe stack things on his head. To get creative, and settle for nothing less than amazing.

Reason #5 – The actual snowboarding scenes don’t take themselves too seriously

Ok, maybe that’s an understatement. But as of late, it seems like snowboard movies just keep trying to one up each other, getting the craziest shots and the sickest lines. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching crazy scenes like that, they’re unbelievable. But every once in a while it’s nice to see some guys just having fun and messing around on the mountain, more like what my friends and I do. Minus the shot of Rick launching off the roof of a house…

So for anyone whose motto is ”everybody Wang Chung tonight” or “seize the carp!”, we salute you. Here’s to continuing the tradition of watching Out Cold each snowboard season (and offseason), and hoping one day we can be as much of a stand up guy as Rick Rambis, or complete and total mess of a guy like Luke.

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