The end of the season approaching and it’s time to start the prep for next season. To ensure your riding doesn’t plateau, take some time to push yourself before hanging up your boots for the summer. Here’s a quick list of some easy skills to help improve your snowboarding.


The first step in trying to improve your riding is learning to fall. Hopefully, your instructor taught you the basics about falling in your first lesson, but it becomes infinitely more important as you continue to progress your skills.

Ride Switch

Riding Switch is one of the most important parts of learning to snowboard. “Switch” means riding with your back foot forward. It allows you to open up a whole new world of tricks and maneuvers that will endlessly improve your ability to ride. It’ll make you more comfortable in the trees and busy traffic and allow you to react more effectively to those panic situations.

Learn to “Ollie”

The “ollie” is originally a snowboarding trick that has shifted to the snowboarding world. It allows the rider to get an extra lift in the air and will help make you more comfortable when starting to hit the park. Learning to ollie on flat ground will improve your ability to hit small lips, rails, boards and woops in the snow.

Practice “Buttering”

Riders who can butter effectively become instantly more maneuverable in busy traffic and fun terrain. Buttering allows the rider to spin while riding on flat ground almost effortlessly. It’s an incredible skill to add a little style to your riding and help you get used to landing in awkward rotations.

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